My new book: The Trappist Missions – KwaZulu-Natal’s Forgotten Treasure.

  I have just received my hard cover and soft cover books that covers the story of the establishment of these 22 beautiful missions in KwaZulu-Natal. The book focuses on the beauty of the architecture, stained-glass windows, murals and objets d’art relating to each mission. The foreword is written by preservation architect, Robert Brusse, who […]

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Durban – Bellair Station – another rotting National Monument.

Bellair Station, built in 1899 alongside Sarnia Road is an utter disgrace. The station building was declared a national monument but you would be hard pressed to know that. The  bronze National  Monument sign is missing, presumably in some Chinese  smelter. (I suggest the China link only because they also seem to be avid collectors […]

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Matatiele – Ongeluksnek Valley

If you take a drive on the Ongeluksnek valley road to the south of Matatiele you will come across a well watered, fertile valley. The strange thing is that many of the old sandstone farmhouses are in ruin. I have yet to get a cogent explanation, except that this area at some point was incorporated […]

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Matatiele – Sewerage Centre

It’s amazing how Councillors look after their own hides but don’t give a toss about their citizens. I was prevented from visiting the War monuments shown here by a very officious women at the closed gates. No explanation was going to open the ‘pearly’ gates. Matatiele now is managed in a similar fashion, to the […]

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Ladysmith – Platrand Military Relics.

On a recent visit to the Anglo-Boer War sites, I visited the Platrand Camp and battle sites overlooking Ladymith. British troops were stationed up on Platrand and Caesars hill for the duration of the siege. Whilst stationed there many of the troops carved inscriptions onto the rocks which formed part of the fortifications. Below are […]

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Durban Kings Park swimming pool.

Kings Park Pool is closed for repairs. It was pretty bad timing since Rachael Finlayson¬† had also been closed for a long time. It has now re-opened . The Commonwealth Games notice sets out qualifying points – lets hope that next time there wont be a need to racially differentiate the qualifying requirements.  

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Colenso – The Battle for Hart’s Hill

The battle of Hart’s Hill (Inniskilling Hill/Terrace) was part of the attempt to relieve Ladysmith and this battle commenced at mid day on 23 February 1900. The Brigade had crossed the Tugela at Pom Pom bridge.The Inniskillings were first at the base of the hill and raced up forcing the Boers to retreat to their […]

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Durban – Greyville Primary School

My thanks to the Principal of Greyville Primary, Dr Mark Jacobs, who allowed me to photograph the school and some of the admission registers. The school dates back to the 1920’s when it was known as Windermere Girls school, Mitchell Girls, Bechet College, Umlazi Commercial Clollege and finally in 2000 becoming Greyville Primary. The architecture […]

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Colenso – A town in decline

Colenso has never really recovered from the closure of the ESCOM Power Station in 1984, as these images clearly illustrate. Perhaps this is synonymous with the fate of ESKOM as a whole, which has been systematically plundered by ANC appointees. The fire less steam locomotive¬† below was built in 1937 by Bagnall & Co Limited […]

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My new book on the Trappist Missions – Pre-publication order

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