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Centocow Trappist Mission main chapel (4)

KZN : A Photographic Record is intended to be the single most comprehensive image based record of Historical, Heritage and Architectural sites in KZN between 2012 and 2022.Whilst impossible to include all sites, sometimes due to lack of access, this record will, in image format cover a wide range of sites that will be of interest to researchers, historians and other persons interested in KZN. It will also act as a visible record for future researchers.
Whilst not a dedicated Military site, the record does feature many of the military related memorials, cemeteries and battlefields which are prevalent in KZN, as a result of its turbulent history.

The motivation for this work is to record our heritage that is rapidly being degraded due to neglect, willful destruction and thoughtless developments, particularly in areas not under the watchful eye of Heritage agencies.

This is a private initiative of Hugh Bland who has had a keen interest in  photography & local history for many years. The site is work in progress but to date (May 2024) over 88000 images have been taken which constitutes about 90 % of the ultimate record. The uploading of images is also work in progress with to date about 85000 images posted.

The importance of recording our heritage is well understood by academics, archivists and historians and is also recognized as necessary for future generations to have access to events relating to the past. The recent unlawful desecration of Monuments adds importance to this record, that will remain available to people interested in heritage no matter its pedigree.
I hope that this record will in some way help measure and record our progress in this Province and be of use to persons interested in KZN’s past. We  need to think of what material will be available to the generations who follow on from us.

KZN: A Photographic Historical Record

KZN: A Photographic Historical Record