I have had many meetings regarding the establishment of this site which at this stage is unfinished, and as such it is early days for full acknowledgements.

At this stage I would like to thank, Nellie Somers at Killie Campbell, Helenore Labushagne and  Professor Rodney Harber  (UKZN) who helped in the early stages of the project.

A big thank you goes to Charlie Mason, a friend, who has accompanied me on some of the away trips and been such a congenial companion, and to Alistair Peter who has also accompanied me on trips.

A thank you to John Gale, MD of Ogilvy Durban for guidance and linking me with Leigh & Rory of The Niche Boys who initially developed the site for me.

To Ulric Algar of The No Nonsense Group (TNNG), who specialize in Digital marketing, for the patience and enthusiasm in enhancing my site –

To the late Ken Gillings, who has from time to time assisted me with inquiries of a military nature.

To The South African National Society, Chaired by Hardy Wilson, who allowed me to address their members, regarding the site.