North Coast

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Amatikulu,Darnall,and Nyoni are very productive Sugar growing areas in Zululand north of the Tugela with sugar milling being the main economic focus. The Gallery also has images of the Old Tugela River Bridge south of Mandini and views over the Tugela Mouth, Mandini and Newark.

Appelbosch - Nsuza - Isenembe - Glenside

This gallery has images of a memorial at the site of the battle of Nsuze which took place over the Bhambatha Rebellion of 1906. The village of Appelbosch, trading stores of Esenembe and Glenside lie on the R614 between Tongaat and Wartburg. There are also images of the Lutheran Church at Appelbosch, Issenembe School and trading stores along the Maidstone to Wartburg road.

Ballito & Thompsons Bay - 166

Ballito and Thompsons Bay are premier beach resorts on the North Coast of KZN. The gallery features the beaches,some of the residential and commercial establishments and tourist places of interest.

Bridges KZN - Sea Cow Lake to Umvoti

This album has road & rail bridges from Sea Cow Lake to Umvoti River. The bridges include bridges in Riverhorse Hippopark, Verulam, Etete River, Blackburn, Tongaat and Umvoti River Bridges.

Bridges KZN - North Coast Bridges - Mtunzini to Mkuze

This albums has the road and rail bridges of KZN North Coast crossing rivers like the Umlalazi, and Umhlatuze Rivers. Some of the bridges are no longer on the main N2 road link that has been diverted but all are still in use.

BRIDGES KZN - Stanger to Tugela River

This album has images of the bridges of the north coast from Stanger to the Tugela River. The road and rail bridges have undergone many changes over the years thanks to the effect of major floods such as Demoina and the Natal floods of 1987. The upgrade of the N2 route from Durban to Empangeni also necessitated the realignment of the road to cater for heavier traffic. The bridges over the Tugela feature the old metal rail bridge near Mandini, the rail bridge adjacent to the metal road bridge, the John Ross Bridge and the new N2 road bridge closer to the Tugela mouth. The Tugela River has the largest catchment of all the rivers in KZN with tributaries like the Bushmans, Mooi, & Buffalo Rivers all draining into it. The John Ross bridge over the Tugela was lost in the 1987 floods and was rebuilt in record time using the incremental launch system. The album has plaques commemorating this achievement. Also featured are the smaller Nonoti and Zinkwazi bridges.

Doringkop - (near Stanger)

Doringkop, near Stanger is a small farming village with a trading store, farm depot and some residences.


Groutville was the birthplace of Albert Luthuli, Nobel Peace Prize winner and politician. This album has images of the Albert Luthuli Museum, local Congregational Church, old residences and the pipeline bridge. It also has images of the old Umvoti Mill and some of the remaining towers and infrastructure. King Shaka's Observation Rock also features and is where he used to view his army doing exercises.

Harold Johnson Nature Reserve & San Souci Village

Harold Johnson Nature Reserve is on the south bank of the Tugela River where the new N2 crosses the river. The reserve has trails through the indigenous riverine bush where a variety of birds, mammals, and small antelope can be seen. The reserve has an interpretive centre and picnic sites for day visitors. The reserve has panoramic views over the river and heritage sites such as Fort Pearson, Fort Tenedos and the site of the Ultimatum tree, all of which are close to the reserve. This album also has images of the Emeraldine farm house and the small village of San Souci, a few kilometres west of the reserve.

Hazelmere Dam & Umsinsi Reserve

Hazelmere Dam is a concrete arch Dam, 44m in height and 478m long with a surface area of 189ha. The Dam with a capacity of 17m m3 was opened in 1977 and provides water for the Tongaat and Verulam areas. The dam is also a resort and nature reserve managed by Umsinsi Holdings, that also manage Shongweni, Bon Accord (Albert Falls), Stainbank Reserve and Nagle Dam resorts. There is accommodation and access to the dam for water sports.

KEARSNEY Manor - Church & Graveyard

The Kearsney Manor Estate includes the stone chapel built by the Hulett family and is alongside the Kearsney Manor that was built by Sir Liege Hulett. (See separate gallery featuring the Manor). The graveyard is the final resting place for many of the Hulett and Balcolm family amongst others. This gallery features the chapel and most of the graves in the cemetery.

Kearsney Manor and Hulett Estate Homes

Kearsney Manor is situated on the original sugar estate built by Sir Liege Hulett in the 1880's. The colonial manor also housed the original Kearsney College now based at Botha's Hill near Hillcrest. The Manor now is an accommodation establishment with 15 bedrooms and is adjacent to the stone chapel and graveyard that is the final resting place for amongst others many of the Hulett and Balcolm families. This album features the Manor interior and exterior, outbuildings and also images of some of the Estate Houses on the original Hulett Estate farm houses, Kirklyvale, Sibton Hall and Melrose House, which are now privately owned. There is also images of the well that supplied the workers on the Kearsney Estate in the late 1800's when tea was grown on the estates before the introduction of sugar. A separate album features the nearby stone chapel and graves associated with the chapel. Also included here are images of the Kearsney Baptist Church and the graves associated with this farm Church.


Ndwedwe is approximately 25 km's to the north west of Verulam. The village which dates back to the late 1800's is an administrative centre that has changed very little until recently. In December a new mall anchored by Boxer Superstore opened and there is now an effort to provide water to the villagers. Many of the old administrative structures like the old prison and magistrates courts remain, some used and some abandoned. This album features most of the structures in this small rural village.

NDWEDWE - Vincent Dickens Road and derelict farms

This gallery has images of the trading stores along Vincent Dickens Road between Verulam and Nwedwe. Along the way are two farms with several derelict farm houses. The farm houses were significant buildings, some with wide slate foundations and the one with large gables and tall palm trees. An abandoned Hindi Temple is also alongside the one gabled house. The history and reasons behind these abandoned farm houses is unknown.


Ottowa is a small village between Mount Edgecombe and Verulam. It used to fall on the old main road leading north and still has a small rail station stop. The village comprises a few commercial shops and Mosques and is close to the Ottowa Cemetery.

Salt Rock - Blythedale - Sheffield -174

This gallery has images of Salt Rock beaches, club, CBD and hotel. Also featured are images of Tinley Manor and Sheffield including images of the Phoenix that ran aground on the Sheffield beach.


Shakaskraal is a small trading town that was Shakas military base . Shakaskraal is close to Stanger (Kwadukusa) and would have had many visitations by his impis. The area is in an extensive sugar growing area, close to Compensation where cane was grown commercially for the first time. It is close to the old Groutville Mission station and home of Nobel Peace prize winner, Chief Albert Luthuli.

Stanger - Cemetery

Stanger Cemetery - this album has images of the public cemetery on the north perimeter of Stanger. The focus is on the older graves and also on the military graves of those who died in hospitals in Stanger during the 1879 Anglo Zulu war.


Stanger (Kwadukuza - 2006) was founded by King Shaka in 1820.It was also where he was assassinated. It was settled and rebuilt by Europeans in 1873. The main economic focus is on sugar growing and milling. The gallery features street scenes, monuments, churches and buildings of historic merit in the town.

Tinley Manor

Tinley Manor is a small holiday resort to the south of Blythesdale on the KZN North Coast. Tinley is well known for its lagoon beach and the holiday accomodation available. In the hinterland is the old railway station, Trinity College and places of worship.

Tongaat and Maidstone

Tongaat & Maidstone have the sugar industry as the mainstay of the area, with Tongaat Hulett Head office and the Maidstone Mill as the cornerstone of the economy. Most of the inhabitants are of Indian descent, but the population is becoming more and more cosmopolitan.To be expected are many Indian temples like the Sri Siva Soobramaniar and Juggernathi Puri Temples. There are also Mosques and inter congregational churches like the Hambanathi Church erected in 1948 in memory of Captain Allan Gardiner R.N., who started the first Christian Mission in Tongaat in 1837. The gallery also features street scenes, the old railway station,sugar mill ,old bridges over the Tongati river and the sports clubs. The Fairbreeze station is also featured.

Umhlali Cemetary

Umhlali Cemetary adjacent to the Umhlali Methodist Church care takes the remains of many of the original settlers in the area such as the Balcolms, Huletts, Jeks,Garland, and many other families. The Cemetery, which is well maintained also features the Moth Memorial for members of the community who died during WWI & WW2. The wall of remembrance is built over the foundations of the original Church.


Umhlali is the centre of the north coast sugar farming area where original farmers like Sir Liege Hulett owned land and one of the first hand sugar processing mills at Compensation ( Morewood) was opened. This gallery covers those aspects as well as the Methodist Church and graveyard. Also featured are images of the town centre.

Umhlanga - Country Club

The Club is in the heart of Umhlanga resort and comprises a bowling club, tennis club and the adjacent Ski Boat Club. Like most clubs in Durban, they are being held ransom by the Ethekweni Municipality and have very short or no leases. This has meant a lack of investment by members and consequent decline. Umhlanga Country Club has a lease until 2020, however they are likely to exit early with a shopping centre and other commercial developments on the cards. The Club House was opened in 1971 and is on prime commercial land.

Umhlanga - La Lucia Ridge & Ridgeside

This album has images of La Lucia Ridge, Umhlanga Rocks Drive and some of the office buildings in this recently established area. Also include are images of the completed developments on Umhlanga Rocks Drive , overlooking Ridgeside and Umhlanga. The fast growth of this area has neccessitated the upgrade of the M41 and N2 Mount Edgecombe interchange. Images of this work in progress is included. Much of Ridgeside to the east of Umhlanga Rocks Drive is still abandoned cane fields which will be developed within the next five years. Also included in this album are aerial images of Gateway, Ridgeside, Sunningdale, La Lucia Ridge and parts of La Lucia.

Umhlanga Ridgeside - 736

This album features the development being carried out on the Ridgeside site overlooking Umhlanga Rocks. The development of offices and hotels has been mushrooming along the ridge on Umhlanga Rocks Drive. These images were taken in late 2018.

Umhlanga Rocks & Beach 296

The quaint cottagey feel of Umhlanga as a remote beach resort is all but gone, to be replaced with a more cosmopolitan brash feel. The beaches remain as some of the premier bathing beaches in KZN,below a long winding promenade of about 2.5 km running from the Hawaan forest in the north to the southern car park. The beach is dominated by world class hotels and resorts such as the Oyster Box, Beverly Hills and many other resorts and apartments. Behind the high rise residential component lies the commercial area with retail shops ,taverns,nite clubs and tourist related outlets. Whatever remains of the old,such as the Umhlanga Country Club are slowly being squeezed out for the new. This being said the Umhlanga beach and surrounds are a valuable and sought after holiday destination. The recent upgrade to the beach front compliments the safe and natural beauty of the beaches on display here. Also included are images of Peace Cottage on the North bank of the Umhlanga Lagoon that is now in a protected estate. This property until recently, was for many generations owned by the Campbell family, one of the early sugar families.

Umhlanga Rocks - Gateway - La Lucia Ridge Aerials 558

This album has images taken from the air in November 2016. It includes images of the Umhlanga beach front , Gateway, La Lucia Ridge and Mt Edgecombe estate.

UMHLANGA ROCKS - Park to Park Beach Flats

This album features most of the beach front flats that occur between Durban View Park and Hawaan or Umhlanga Lagoon. All of the apartments are on the beach side of Marine Drive and Lagoon Drive. Amongst the better known are Edge of The Sea, Cabana Beach, Umhlanga Sands, The Oysters and, the Pearls.

Umhlanga Rocks Pearls & Oceans Developments to Dec 2016

There have been massive changes in the "Village" of Umhlanga in 2016. The year has seen the demolition of the Post Office and the buildings and facilities of the Umhlanga Country Club. This album records the sites before the demolition and images taken of the two major developments, an extension to the Pearls complex, and the initial stages of the Oceans Development. The latter development comprises a high rise hotel, shopping complex and high rise residential complex. The bulk is in excess of 92000m2. The images here describe the progress with dates of the photo shoots.

Umhlanga Rocks Pearls and Oceans development to June 2017

This album has images of the multibillion high rise developments under construction in Umhlanga Rocks taken over the period January to June 2017. Progress will be followed along the way.

Umhlanga Rocks - Oceans Development - June 2021 - 704

This is the latest in the sequence showing the progress of the Oceans development as at June 2018. There are prior albums of the Umhlanga Country Club, followed by earlier work on both the Oceans and the Pearls.

Umhlanga Rocks - Oceans and Pearls -  Jul 2017 to March 2018

This album seeks to track the two major developments under construction in Umhlanga, namely The Oceans hotel,apartments and retail center, and the Pearls Development. A previous upload can be found showing progress on the sites, one of which was formerly the Umhlanga Country Club, up until the end of June 2017.

Umhlanga Rocks - Oceans Development - July & Sep 2018 - 717

This album has an update of the Oceans Development in Umhlanga as at the end of September 2018. Work seems to have come to a halt on this 4.2 Billion Rand Development.

Umhlanga New Town Centre - 295

Umhlanga new Town Centre is a comparatively new area with most developments having taken place in the last 10 years. The Gateway Theatre of shopping is the largest centre in KZN and acted as the catalyst for the new developments. Many businesses have relocated from Downtown Durban to take advantage of this well managed precinct. Most of the land was formerly owned by the Morelands (Tongaat) Group and was under sugar cane delivered to the now closed Mount Edgecombe Mill. There is still significant areas of undeveloped land available and the building landscape is rapidly changing. This album captures the present status that will change very quickly.


Umdloti is a small holiday town on south of the Umdloti River mouth and to the north of Umhlanga.The main attraction of this town is the safe bathing area, wide open beaches and the beachside apartments. Umhloti has a small shopping centre, restuarants, service station and a Kwik Spar.

Umhloti flood damage - April 2022 - 833

April 2022, saw devastating floods in Durban over a few days. Described as a cut off low it dumped in excess of 400mm of rain in a few hours mainly in Durban area and including Umhloti to the north of Durban. The Salta development directly behind Umhloti has been sited as the cause of the resultant devastation featured in this album. The truth is probably that this devastation would have occurred given the deluge and exacerbated to some extent by this development which was in a very exposed state.


Verulam was established in 1850 by William J Irons for Byrne Settlers mainly of Wesleyan faith. Verulam was a busy transport post to the north.The first Indians came in 1861 to work on farms. Verulam has many buildings of interest like the Methodist Church (now derelict),Catholic Church, Mosques and several ornate Hindu Temples. The Town has many old trading stores in the main street and at the bottom of Wicks street is the old mill and blacksmith buildings. Transport riders would have their horses reshod there, and wagon wheels repaired.

Westbrook & La Mercy

Wesrbrook and La Mercy lie to the north of the Umhloti River. The gallery has images of an abandoned home covered in graffiti, the La Mercy beach, Boys Town and some of the local places of interest. The La Mercy beach is a popular kite surfing site.

Zinkwazi District - Bethany Farm & Cemetery 478

This album has images of the old Theunissen family farmhouse, Bethany farmhouse and the Bethany Farm private Cemetery. Many of the original farmers are buried in this cemetery and include members of the Nielson, Hagemann, Theunissen and Jonsson families who came out from Norway in the 1860's. The original settlers were Daniel & Caroline Nielson (buried here) who came out from Norway in 1860 with the Baptist Church and settled on a farm "Entembeni" at Darnall. They had seven daughters, one of whom, Dina, married Elias Hagemann, also from Notoy district in Norway, and who had arrived in 1880, with the Baptist Church. It was Elias who named the farm "Bethany", and who built the present house in 1888. Elias Hagemann had 12 children and his descendents still farm in the area and greater Zululand area. Also built was a private chapel and a newer more modern church has been built which features on this site.

KZN: A Photographic Historical Record

KZN: A Photographic Historical Record