My new book: The Trappist Missions – KwaZulu-Natal’s Forgotten Treasure.

  I have just received my hard cover and soft cover books that covers the story of the establishment of these 22 beautiful missions in KwaZulu-Natal. The book focuses on the beauty of the architecture, stained-glass windows, murals and objets d’art relating to each mission. The foreword is written by preservation architect, Robert Brusse, who […]

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Weston College – Horse Memorial

Weston College, Mooi River, was an important remount station during the Anglo Boer War (1899 – 1902). The original farm, Mount Victoria was the base and at some point in time had up to 9000 horses being acclimatized and made ready for war purposes. During the war 518794 horses and 150781 mules were sourced word-wide […]

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Coedmore Castle – Stainbank Nature Reserve

These images were taken with the permission of a member of the Stainbank family of Coedmore Castle in Stainbank Nature Reserve. The stunning mural on the wall in their home was created by Mary Stainbank and depicts the life and times of the family. It was painted by Mary Stainbank who along with her friend […]

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Shaka’s Rock – Groutville – Itshe likaShaka

This monument and stone is to the south of Stanger, near Groutville and has commanding views to the north and south. It is said that Shaka used the rock as a seat to review his impi’s on maneuver. This monument is also close to the Groutville home, museum and burial place of Chief Albert Luthuli. […]

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Helen Bridge 1866 – Mooi River

The Helen Bridge, about 3 kilometers downstream of Mooi River, is one of the oldest remaining bridges in KZN. The bridge was opened on 19 November 1866, by Colonel JJ Bisset, Administrator of Natal. The bridge is named after his second daughter, Helen.  The bridge was on the main transport route upcountry to the inland, […]

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General Redvers Buller’s faithful dog ‘Yalu’

Whilst photographing at Weston College, Mooi River, I came across the grave of General Buller’s, faithful dog ‘Yalu”, that died in 1907, and is buried alongside one of the old farm houses used as a billet by the British.   I couldn’t help thinking that the faith shown by the dog, was not reciprocated in that […]

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Lions River Railway Station put to creative use.

Wherever one goes in South Africa, one comes across the utterly criminal waste of Transnet’s assets.  At every railway station and siding, with few exceptions, the buildings have been neglected, invaded by vagrants and their value destroyed. Most of these structures could have been put to good use by renting or selling to third parties, […]

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Durban harbour Victorian Railings

I received an email from Alison Chadwick who was browsing my site and came across the Victorian railings that run along the sea side of the road directly alongside the shoreline. She informs me that these railings as well as the gates into the Pietermaritzburg City hall were made by her great grandfather Henry Anthony […]

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Fort Nottingham in Autumn

The Fort Nottingham farming area is highly productive, with dairy, agriculture, being the main commerce. The villages of Fort Nottingham and Nottingham Road, were started in the mid 1800’s and at the time were only roamed by Bushmen until the Colonialists arrived. The seasons are marked and autumn colours always precede the cold harsh winters. […]

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Umhlanga Ridgeside Developments.

Blink your eyes on the ridge another concrete and glass structure has emerged from the diminishing cane-lands that had been abandoned to birds and bees for many years. I know this is progress, but are there no architects out there that can depart from the grand concrete, glass, chrome and glitz that dominates the current […]

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Pennington Beach – South Coast

A special little place on the south coast is the Pennington restaurant overlooking the tidal pool and a short distance from the wide open beaches.  This little oasis is worth a visit even if passing bye. The kiosk has good wholesome food with friendly service.  

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