Durban - Argyle Road graffiti  - 748

Whilst most graffiti is decried, some of the work such as this work on the house on the corner of Currie Road and Argyle is of a high standard. Many listed or protected homes are bought by developers but owners are prohibited from changing them or demolishing them by AMAFA. Their answer, is, to let the properties fall apart to a point where demolition is the only answer. This house that formerly belonged to a Doctor Pickford has in the meantime been freshly painted. The tennis courts in front of the old home are gone.


Wall Art of Graffiti, adorns many of Durban's walls. The small selection here is in Glenwood and one of the images is by Dane Stops. The image is of a girl gazing up at the clear azure skies of KZN. Dane is his real name however 'Stops' is his adopted name. Dane is a fine artist and does interior and exterior

Estcourt Golf Club - Caricatures   757

These caricatures by PF Fillenham in 1938/1939 depicting Estcourt Golf Club Members are a great record and unwittingly make a social commentary of the times. "Caricature is the ART of making a drawing or written description of someone that usually makes them look silly by making part of their appearance or character more noticeable than it really is." Cambridge Dictionary.

Mary Stainbank Museum - Arrival of Settlers - SA Museum - Cape Town - 739

The maquettes here depict the arrival of the Early Settlers at time of Van Rebeek in 1652. They depict the beach arrival, reception by Natives offering curios for sale. The maquettes were made for submission to the SA Museum in Cape Town.

Mary Stainbank - Indian Flower Sellers - Durban  - 738

This album has images of Mary Stainbank's maquettes of the Durban Indian Flower Sellers . This large piece of work of 9ft*4ft ,is on the wall on Poynton Building. The finished sculpture is above street level, facing Pine Street. This album as well as the maquettes, has recent images and an image from a Museum Photo Album. The medium is Ficksburg sandstone. The work dates to 1957.

Stainbank Gallery - Addington Children's Hospital - Stained Glass  - 743

Wilgeford Vann-Hall, who worked from Eyazo Studios at Coedmore, with Mary Stainbank , was commissioned to make the stained-glass windows for the Addington Children's Hospital in the late 1920's. In total 'Wilgie' made 52 panes measuring 300*400 which were introduced into the hospital's windows. This album has some of the maquettes used to create the windows. Presently only 9 of the panes remain in the hospital, the rest having been vandalized or stolen. The panes depicted comic figures and nursery rhymes, popular at the time.

Nils Anderson - Durban

Born in Norway, Nils emigrated to South Africa in 1911 and trained at the Durban School of Art. He taught art and ceramics at the Durban School of Art and was responsible for much of the artwork in the Addington Children’s Hospital, the artwork friezes in each ward. Sadly, this work was painted over in the 1960’s. Note: His work can still be seen in the Norwegian Hall on The Berea. His work in Natal was prolific and this album also has images of a book celebrating his diverse art-work.

KZN: A Photographic and Historical Record

KZN: A Photographic and Historical Record