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PMB - Alexandra Park & Ernie Pearce Weir

The Ernie Pearce Weir at Camps Drift is the start of the annual Dusi Canoe Marathon, the first being undertaken on 22 December 1951 by amongst a few others like Dr Ian Player who was the only one to finish 6 days later. The Album has images of the weir and some of the competitors on the wall of fame. Alexander Park was laid out in 1860 and named after Princess Alexander of Denmark, later the wife of King Edward Prince of Wales. The Jubilee Pavilion foundation stone was laid on 22 June 1897 and completed on 24 May 1898.The Pavilion faces onto the cricket oval and is a grand old building. Sadly the Bandstand built in 1892 to commemorate the service of Regiments at Fort Napier has been neglected and is no longer present. Alexander Park also has the McFarlane footbridge over the Umzindusi River , the Percy Taylor Rockeries laid out in 1930,s, the Victoria Bowling Club and the Jan Smuts Stadium (Harry Gwala) and the Swimming baths. although outside the Park this Album has images of the Colonial Alexandra Road Police Station.

PMB - Allan Wilson Moth Hall

The Allan Wilson Moth Shellhole commemorates the death of Major Allan Wilson in his heroic fight to the death in the Matabele Rebellion in Rhodesia where his entire unit was killed. The site has a large hall full of memorabilia from all the S.A. conflicts, including Rolls and the exterior a tank and artillery piece which are featured her,

PMB - Ashburton - Mkondeni - Oribi - Pelham

This album has images of Oribi Airport, Oribi village used by servicemen in WWII and the Madonna delle Grazie Church built by Italian POW\'S during WWII. The grounds have the remains of POW\'S and some of those who died in the sinking of the Nova Scotia. The remains were originally buried in the Hillary Cemetery.

PMB - Bishopstowe - Sobantu - Colenso home

This album's main feature is of Bishop Colenso's (1814 - 1883) home in Bishopstowe on the north eastern outskirts of PMB.Bishop John Colenso was appointed Bishop of Natal in 1855. The original house was destroyed by fire in 1884. The home was rebuilt and is the building featured here. The album also has images of Sobantu , Bishopstowe Hall and the Umzindusi Drift. The Anglican Diocese on Natal is the custodian of the old home which was restored in 1995. This was the site of the Bishop's Mission.Bishop Colenso married to Sarah Frances Bunyan in 1846 and had five children. This album also has images of the Jakobi Lutheran Kirche with images of the exterior, interior and old pictures.

PMB - Blackridge - St Mary's & Boughton Station

Blackridge is the residential area to the south west of the City centre alongside the Swartkops road that heads up to Hilton. This gallery has images of the views over the city,the old route of the Hilton railway,Boughton Station and the St Mary's Church.

PMB - Braid,Geere & Bulwer Streets

This gallery has mainly images of the old residences in an older part of the city alongside the Voortrekker Cemeteries & Umzindusi River.

PMB _ Claridge - Hely-Hutchinsons Hunting Lodge 835

Sir Walter Francis Hely-Hutchinson, born in England (1849-1913) and married to May Justice in1881 entered the Colonial Service and after several postings became Governor of Natal and Zululand between 1893 and 1901. He then served as Governor of the Cape from 1901 to 1909. The 'Huts' in Claridge were built as a hunting lodge for Hutchinson circa 1900. The first building to the left of the complex was a thatched rondavel. Over the years and with seven owners in total this piece of land originally 4 acres in extent (Sub Bellevue No 2 of Lot 1613), was extended with bedrooms, lounges, stables, outbuildings and two swimming pools. Some of the owners have included Jemima Foster (1903), John P Symons to M Symons (1906), James Hyslop (1911), Jemima Jean H Butler - nee Bell ((1922), Julian and Margaret Von Klemperer (1922) and Sean MacIntosh to the present (2023). This album has images of the exterior, interior, stables, some of the title deeds and a rare drawing of Sir Hely-Hutchinson KCMG. The property has grandstand views over the northern parts of PMB. The old steam train used to run from PMB up the steep Claridge hill on its way to Otto's Bluff and beyond to York.

PMB - Fort Napier & St Georges Garrison Church

Fort Napier, named after the Governor of the Cape, Gen. Sir George Napier was established on 31 August 1843 by two Companies of the 45 Regiment (1st Sherwood Foresters). It was used as a Fort and Barracks up until 21 August 1914 when the South Staffordshires departed for Ypres. Latterley if has been a Psychiatric Hospital. St Georges Garrison Church was built in 1897 as a memorial church in honour of those soldiers who died in the Anglo - Transvaal war of 1880-1, and the Zulu and Matabele Wars. It was used as a Military Hospital, nursing 427 patients during the Anglo - Boer War. The church was later used by Wykeham and Maritzburg College as their churches. The church architecture, stain glass windows and memorabilia are well worth a visit.

PMB Golf Course - 1886

The Pietermaritzburg Golf Club in Hayfields was started in 1886 and is reputed to be the oldest Golf Club in South Africa. The Golf Club has had four homes, starting in the centre of the present Scottsville Race Course,Alexandra Park,Golf Road (new section of UKZN ) and its present site in Hayfields. This gallery has images of the Course, Clubhouse,memorabilia and Honours Boards.

PMB - Mayors Walk - National Botanic Gardens

This album has images of the many old homes that line Mayors walk and the Swartkops road to the south of PMB. The album also has images of the National Botanic Gardens in off Swartkops Road. The gardens are famous for the avenue of Plain trees planted over 100 years ago.

PMB - Maritzburg Bowls & Croquet Clubs

These two clubs based in Alexander Park have a long history with the Bowls Club Honours Boards having records dating back to 1902 and the Croquet Club, to 1921. The Clubs have had numerous Champions including Miss M.I.Simkins who was S.A. National Champion in 1956. The Bowls Club which has a bar and coffee shop also hosts the Maritzburg College Old Boys Club.

PMB - Maritzburg College

Maritzburg College started in 1863 along with its proud tradition of turning out leaders has an abundance of great architecture and history. The new Museum displays commemorate the passage of the 150 years since its founding and has material that will assist you around the school on a self guided tour. This gallery covers most of the notable sites of interest such as the Museum (ex Gym 1914),Memorial Chapel (1952), College House, Nathan House (1910), WWI Memorial, Clark House (1888), Armoury, Victoria Hall (1897) and much more.

PMB - Natal Canoe Club

Natal Canoe Club is based on the banks of the Umzindusi River at Camps Drift PMB. The Club is the organizer of the annual Dusi Canoe Marathon, which starts outside the club. This album has images of the club, its memorabilia and honours boards.

PMB - Old Edendale Road

With the demise of rail transport, the once bustling Masons Mill is now mostly abandoned land with a few remaining remnants of buildings along the old Edendale road. This album has a few images of the old SAR&H sheds, now utilised by an art school, and old buildings along the old Edendale road like the Hotel Du Salle.

PMB - Pentrich Station

Pentrich Station, to the south of the City is on the main rail route to Durban via Umlaas Road. The station building was erected in 1906 and is a heritage site. Sadly the building is neglected and empty at this stage. The gallery also has images of some of the older houses in the adjacent area.

PMB - Pietermaritzburg Girls High

Pietermaritzburg Girls High in Alexander Road was founded in 1920 on a 32 acre piece of land,on the land belonging to Mr & Mrs Peter Davis and their home "Morningside". The first Headmistress was Mrs N Burns (1920 - 1932) with an initial intake of 71 pupils. The main building in Queen Anne revival style is a National Monument. The school continues to thrive on its Alexander Road site with many of the original structures still gracing the property. The enlarged school now has a boarding establishment and many modern facilities such as the hockey astro, and sports hall, and gymnasium. Most of the facilities and honours boards are featured here.

PMB - Prestbury

Prestbury to the south of the CBD has many old churches like St David\'s Anglican Church,Vale Road Apostolic Church,NGK PMB Noord and old institutions such as the Botanic Gardens Hotel in Morcom Road. This gallery has images of the homes in roads such as Jade Lane,Magazine Road, Bridge Street,Tatham Street and Gardens Road.

PMB - Railway Station

Pietermarizburg Station was commissioned on 1 December 1880.This station became notorious for the ejection of Mahatma Ghandi, a lawyer from a first class apartment and his subsequent activism to bring racial equality. These buildings and outbuildings characterise the neglect, all over the Province of the former SAR & H assets. In my view no other organization, in it's new form, has destroyed or wasted more assets in recent years. The album also has images of station road and the nearby Municipal Power Station buildings erected in 1903.

PMB - Roberts Road Cemeteries

The Cemeteries off Robert Road include the Jewish Cemetery and the Muslim Darwaza Shahenshah Cemetery. The Jewish Cemetery has the grave of Private Arthur Tyler who was killed in France on 21 April 1918.

PMB - Roberts Road - Voortrekker School - Wylie Park

This gallery has images of the houses,parks and the Voortrekker School to the west of the CBD.

PMB - Roy Hesketh - Camp Site- Hayfields - Autobahn

This gallery has images of the remnants of the old Roy Hesketh Race track in Hayfields, the defunct Municipal Camp Site, Hayfields centre and the Autobahn Roadhouse, a popular hang out for kids in the past.

PMB - Royal Agricultural Show

The PMB Royal Agricultural Society started in 1851 having its first \"showing\" in the Market Square near the City Hall but moved to its present (third) site of 18ha in 1902. The show has occurred annually with the exception of the Boer War & Bambatha Rebellion.The show was accorded the \"Royal\" Status in 1904. The show features the best of the KZN Agricultural industry, Agricultural support industries, commercial ventures,military displays, handiworks and has a good line up of events and fun activities. This album features some of the buildings and displays during the 2013 show in May.

PMB - SAR&H Goods Sheds - Exchange Road

This album has images of what remains of the formerly extensive goods handling operation in exchange road controlled by the former SAR&H. Little remains except the evidence of sidings and ruins of the buildings. The few remaining structures of this former mega park are featured here.

PMB - Scottsville - Woodburn - Collegians & Wanderers

PMB has many clubs and this gallery has images of the clubs in the Scottsville area namely: Woodburn Rugby sub Union & Stadium, Collegians - Harriers and Wanderers Clubs. Included are images of some of the Honours Boards pertaining to the clubs.

PMB - Scottsville - Delville Wood - Comrades House & Scottsville Homes

This gallery of Scottsville has images of the Delville Wood Memorial and Cross which is said to weep on the anniversary of this devastating battle in July 1916. There are also images of the Scottsville commercial area and many of the older and grander homes in the locality,including Comrades House. Also included are images of the Allan Willson Shellhole,Scottsville Racetrack and St Alpheges Church. This gallery is one of several galleries covering this older part of suburban PMB.

PMB - Scottsville Racecourse & Casino

Scottsville Racecourse is featured in this album along with images of the Golden Horse Casino which was built on the site. There are views of the course, grandstands, structures, honours boards and office bearers. The race course is oval in shape, about 2300m long with a straight of 1200m. The first sponsored race in S.A, the Gilbey Stakes was held here in 1962.

PMB - Swartkops Road - Umgeni Water - Fish Farm

The old Umgeni Waterworks off Swartkops Road has been abandoned and was used for a while as a commercial fish breeding project. The failed project H.D. Hill Fish Farm was intended to produce cat fish for export. The site is vacant at present and this gallery has images of the derelict site.

PMB - Topham - Alexander- College & Edenvale Road

This gallery has images of Alexandra Road PMB Girls High, the old Supreme Court building (recently refurbished), Edendale road SAR & H buildings, the Natal Canoe Club at Camps Drift and the Parkside building in Topham Road. The Parkside building is of special interest as it was built by \"Offy\" Shepstone ,the third son of Sir Theophilus Shepstone after the Anglo-Zulu war. The residence was also used by various Administrators of Natal and is now the Provincial Presidents residence (also being restored).

PMB - Town Bush Road & Queen Elizebeth Park

This gallery has images of the areas west of the CBD which includes Queen Elizabeth Park, the HQ of Ezemvelo (formerly Natal Parks Board), Greys Hospital(new),the Cascades centre and the Allerton veterinary laboratories.

PMB - Town Hill Hospital

Town Hill Hospital is a mental health care hospital on Town Hill. The Hospital was built in 1880 and was called the Natal Government Asylum and the site of detainment for those deemed to be insane. The hospital still houses nearly 400 psychiatric patients. There are two main blocks and several support buildings on this large estate.

PMB - Mountain Rise  Cemetery - Military Section

This Military Cemetery lies in the heart of the Mountain rise cemetery north of the CBD. The cemetery has military graves from WWII and monuments commemorating members of the SANDF & Police who died on active service. Also in the cemetery are two German P.O.W. graves. The one relates to Helmut Haensel who was murdered by fellow P.O.W\'s,Walter Werner & Paul Wallatt in a Durban P.O.W. Camp in 1942. They received 5 year sentences in 1946. The other P.O.W., Karl Xaver,died of disease.(Reference : Natalia 40) Cemetery at S29.34.37 E 30.23.49

PMB - University of KZN

Natal University College originally started in the Maritzburg College grounds and then moved onto the present campus when the Main College Clock tower building was completed in August 1912. Natal University College is now part of a much larger University being that of the University of Natal (KZN)which has other campuses, most notably Howard College and the former University of Westville. The original campus consists of the Student Union, Residences, Sports facilities, Admin block, lecture theatres, library and support services. The campus extended in the 1960\'s onto the old Pietermaritzburg Golf Course where new facilities were erected for the expanding community.Residences (Dennison) and state of the art sports facilities were also established. The Agriculture facility is in Scottsville in Carbis Road. Most of the Universities important facilities are represented in this portfolio of images.

PMB - Victoria Country Club

The Victoria Club was formed on 16 June 1859 and was located in leased premises in Church Street and then in its own premises in Longmarket Street where it was located for 100 years. It was a gentlemen\'s club which has now been amalgamated with the PMB Country Club which was founded prior to 1934 by Victoria Club members.The merger took place on 22 January 1997 and the combined clubs now operate from Queen Elizabeth Park. This album has images of the course, Clubhouse,facilities ,memorabilia and Honours Boards.

PMB - Worlds View

Worlds View above and to the West of PMB is well described and presents vistas as far as the eye can see. The site has a memorial to Engineer Brigadier George Barry Lord and to the Voortrekkers who used this route in the 1830\'s inter the hinterland and later used by transport riders.

PMB - Woodlands - Raisethorpe

The suburbs of Woodlands & Raisethorpe were prior to 1994 predominantly Coloured and Indian peoples areas. Woodlands is relatively new and this gallery features the Woodlands Memorial commemorating those that gave their lives in WWII and the Michael Patrick cricket ground. The Raisethorpe & Woodland areas features the commercial area of Chota Motala Road and some of the Mosques & Churches of the area.


KZN: A Photographic Historical Record

KZN: A Photographic Historical Record