Mount Edgecombe Interchange

Mount Edgecombe Interchange

The Mount Edgecombe Interchange, built by SANRAL at a cost of R1.14 billion,  was opened in 2018.

 The Interchange links the N2 to Verulam, Umhlanga,  Umhlanga Ridge, Durban North and Phoenix via the M41.

Up to 803 persons were employed during the contract to build this 4 level interchange which has 23 piers and one bridge being 948 metres long.

A view of the many levels of this interchange.

The high level freeway connecting Verulam to the south.

Some of the 23 pilons supporting the freeway

The pedestrian walkway connecting Umhlanga Ridge to the Mount Edgecombe side of the N2.

The pedestrian bridge with stolen light poles missing.

 Sadly the interchange has already fallen victim to vandals and all of the electrical lights over the nearly one kilometer pedestrian bridge have been stripped off the walkway featured here.

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KZN: A Photographic Historical Record

KZN: A Photographic Historical Record