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Saving House Biermann (Barrie) – Glenwood Drive an Appeal.

Barrie Biermann (1924 – 1991) who spent much of his working life teaching at the School of Architecture, built a home for himself in Glenwood that became admired by his colleagues for its brilliant use of the steep fall upon which the home was built and its mythical and whimsical design. The extensive use of […]

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Fordoun Hotel & Spa

Fordoun Hotel and Spa, like all hospitality businesses is feeling the chill wind of the Covid 19 lock-down. They have opened up their trails to the public and provide sumptuous picnic baskets to visitors who are screened before entry is allowed. The tourism sector is a huge employer in SA and it is long overdue […]

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Kokstad’s St Patricks’ Cathedral

Another of our National Gems is St Patrick’s Cathedral built in 1924, in Hope Street ,Kokstad. If you are passing through, do yourself a favour and visit this wonderful cathedral. You wont be disappointed, especially if you enjoy, the stained glass, which is in abundance. 

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Addington Hospital Nurses’ Home

This present Government is intending to introduce a National Health Scheme (NHS), which is a noble ambition. However it cant even do the basics in maintaining its present infrastructure and look after the facilities for staff. The images below, are in the Addington Nurses’ Home, showing the neglected staff rest area and swimming pool. Some […]

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Estcourt – St Mathews Anglican Church

Architecturally and with the many stained-glass windows, this natural sandstone 1882 Church is one of my favorites in KZN. The ambiance from the natural light seeping through the windows gives the interior a special peaceful aura.   I was grateful for Fr, Madoda Khumalo for giving me access to the Church and graveyard. The graveyard is […]

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Major General Woodgate’s grave – St John’s Mooi River

Interested Military Historians may need to start considering how to protect important Military graves and this one is no exception. The St John’s Church has been abandoned and is now a Pre-School. The graveyard is unkempt and is being encroached on all side by Bruntville Township. It’s only a matter of time before the vandals […]

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Durban’s Royal Hotel

Opening in 1845, the Royal Hotel, this iconic hotel has stood the test of time. (For 175 years.) It is however the hotel’s Grill Room, that stays imprinted in the mind. The room with all its Colonial trappings, retains it’s charm. As always I am drawn like a moth to light by the stained-glass doors, […]

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Loskop (Estcourt area) – Moorleigh Churches

Whilst the ‘mother’ Lutheran Church (Kerk) at Moorleigh is still in good condition, the nearby Gnadenkirche is in ruins. It makes for great photography but is a reminder of bygone days when the thriving local community, although much smaller, seemingly able to maintain its properties. The local graveyard indicates a large German based community. Upon […]

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Umhlanga Ridgeside’s Glass Horizon

Sunglasses will become essential on Umhlanga Ridge with all the glass cladding the new structures dominating the skyline. Perhaps some entrepreneurial sole could direct the reflecting rays onto solar panels?

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Durban Post Office – Criminal neglect

If the neglected state of the Durban Central Post Office is a metaphor for South Africa, take a trip into the Durban CBD and see for yourself the state of this national Monument that is being overwhelmed by strangler figs. (Ficus Natalensis). These trees roots are very destructive and find their way into structures, to […]

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KZN: A Photographic and Historical Record

KZN: A Photographic and Historical Record