KZN a Photographic Record is intended to be the single most comprehensive record of Historical, Heritage and Architectural sites in KZN between  2012 and 2020. Whilst impossible to include all sites, sometimes to lack of access, this record will, in image format cover a wide range of sites that will be of interest to researchers, historians and other persons interested in KZN. It will also act as a visible record for future researchers. The motivation for this work is to record our Heritage that is rapidly being degraded due to neglect, willful destruction and thoughtless developments, particularly in areas not under the watchful eye of Heritage agencies. This is a private initiative of Hugh Bland who has  had a keen interest in  photography and local history for many years. The site is work in progress but to date (October 2020) over 80000 images have been taken which constitutes about 85 % of the ultimate record. About 75000 images have been posted onto the site with 2000 being edited and awaiting to be posted.

A new element has been added to the site with an Artwork and Heritage section. The artwork section will feature artwork by KZN artists and the Heritage section will now include heritage records that may be given to me and will be posted for general interest.