Saving House Biermann (Barrie) – Glenwood Drive – An Appeal.

Saving House Biermann (Barrie) – Glenwood Drive – An Appeal.

House Biermann – Spiral cast iron stairway

Barrie Biermann (1924 – 1991) who spent much of his working life teaching at the School of Architecture, built a home for himself in Glenwood that became admired by his colleagues for its brilliant use of the steep fall upon which the home was built and its mythical and whimsical design. The extensive use of salvaged ” cast-iron Victorian fripperies”, coloured glass, clever use of light and its unconventional design were designed to humour and enchant. 

Biermann was described by architect Hans Hallen as ” a man of scholarship to fulfill the cultural need we have for heroes of myth and legend”.

Sadly unless support is given to those wanting to save this cultural, heritage home, it is set to be demolished by heritage Philistines in our midst. Yet another unique building, once owned by one of South Africa’s  renowned architects, is set to disappear from our landscape

If you would like to assist in saving this important home please contact Robert Brusse, Rodney Harber or Michelle Jacobs. They can be contacted via the School of Architecture at UKZN or  the KZN Institute of Architects at 160 Bulwer Road, Glenwood – 031 2017590.