Maris Stella Trappist Mission

Anyone who follows my blogs, and site will know that I am a great admirer of the Trappist Missions established by the founder of the missions in South Africa, by Francis Pfanner and hisĀ  Trappist Order. I had previously photographed Maris Stella Mission, but had not been able to do the interior. A follow up trip resulted in me gaining access into to the church built in 1909. What a treat to see the craftsmanship of the interior, from woodwork, altars, and the many murals. Below are a few of the examples, but more can be viewed under Gallery – Churches & Missions – Maris Stella Trappist Mission.

Maris Stella Church 1909

Murals in the church

Stairway to the mezzanine

Maris Stella nave and altar view

Maris Stella – one of the many stain glass masterpieces

Maris Stella wall murals

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