Lions River Railway Station put to creative use.

Lions River Railway Station

Wherever one goes in South Africa, one comes across the utterly criminal waste of Transnet’s assets.  At every railway station and siding, with few exceptions, the buildings have been neglected, invaded by vagrants and their value destroyed. Most of these structures could have been put to good use by renting or selling to third parties, who could have been held to account for their upkeep and used by small businesses and entrepreneurs. Old railway homes have been vandalized or rendered uninhabitable, instead of being sold off.

What has prevented this? Jealousy, incompetence, bureaucracy or maybe the new wave of social engineering required, before awarding of space?

Lions River Station is an exception to the rule, where creative use has been made of the old goods shed, the building preserved and presumably some revenue accrues to Transnet. (Or at least the building maintained at the operators cost.) If this had been done country-wide the benefits would have been vast.


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KZN: A Photographic and Historical Record

KZN: A Photographic and Historical Record