Ladysmith Siege Museum

Amongst much of the memorabilia and displays in this siege museum in the CBD are images of the military figures present in the town, besieging it or involved in its relief, and associated battles. Amongst them are General’s Botha, Koch, Haig and Joubert seen below. This well put together exhibit has diaramas, memorabilia, images and much more from the period and is a must see in order to obtain a well balanced overview of this siege from 2 November 1899 to 28 February 1900.

Kommandant Generaal Piet Joubert – Boer Commander at the time

Boer and British Commanders

           Kommandant Generaal Louis Botha

(Later)  General Haig visiting                          Ladysmith in 1921

Ghandi with the Indian Volunteer Corps

General Koch (killed at Elandslaaghte)

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