Durban Post Office – Criminal neglect

Durban Post Office – Criminal neglect

Durban Central Post Office being strangled.

If the neglected state of the Durban Central Post Office is a metaphor for South Africa, take a trip into the Durban CBD and see for yourself the state of this national Monument that is being overwhelmed by strangler figs. (Ficus Natalensis). These trees roots are very destructive and find their way into structures, to a point where they cannot be eradicated and start breaking up the structure. Surely the BIG CITY BOSSES see this and see the need to do something? — Dream on

This Cenotaph is unique in the world and was inspired by former Durban Arts lecturer, John Adams. Most Cenotaphs are monolithic and very austere.

Whilst on the subject of the CBD the Mvula guard at the Cenotaph would not allow me to photograph it. He says he has these instructions from our BIG CITY BOSSES in City Hall. He was very eloquent and I did politely explain this was a public space, a tourist attraction and a pilgrimage place for persons wishing to pay respects and perhaps take a photo of a loved one’s name, on the remaining plaques. I explained his job was to protect the site, but he insisted the instructions had come from City Hall.

That’s service delivery for you!! Congratulations Chaps!!

This image was taken from the street.