Colenso – A town in decline

Colenso has never really recovered from the closure of the ESCOM Power Station in 1984, as these images clearly illustrate. Perhaps this is synonymous with the fate of ESKOM as a whole, which has been systematically plundered by ANC appointees.

The fire less steam locomotive  below was built in 1937 by Bagnall & Co Limited and was used for short distance haulage for the power station.

Our Society visit to the local museum was also thwarted as the key was lost!


Colenso town centre – ruined trading store.

Escom – Bagball fireless steam loco – 1937

Escom steam loco

Escom – Fireless Steam Loco – built by Bagnall                                   & Co.

Colenso derelict residence

Colenso – neglected water feature.

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