Coedmore Castle – Stainbank Nature Reserve

These images were taken with the permission of a member of the Stainbank family of Coedmore Castle in Stainbank Nature Reserve. The stunning mural on the wall in their home was created by Mary Stainbank and depicts the life and times of the family. It was painted by Mary Stainbank who along with her friend Wilgeford Vann-Hall were without doubt some of Durban’s most prolific artists, in the 1920’s and 1930’s. One of the murals depicts a stone chapel, the ruins of which are on the estate. A sad but evocative sight alongside the Stainbank Family graves. It is an emotional to experience this heritage and the incredible art in the Stainbank Gallery.
Mary and ‘Wilge” were contributors of sculptures and stained-glass windows to the the Addington Children’s Hospital, which opened in 1931.
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Mural with Stainbank Family Chapel in the background. The wall length mural in Coedmore Castle

The remains of the Stainbank Family Chapel alongside the family graves.

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KZN: A Photographic and Historical Record

KZN: A Photographic and Historical Record