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Dundee Country Club

This album has images of the Dundee Country Club, which includes the course, honours boards, facilities and memorabilia.

Durban - Beachwood Country Club

Durban Country Club - Beachwood Course is situated adjacent to the Virginia Beach. The course formerly the Natal Club was started in 1963 and is an 18 hole course redesigned by Gary Player in 1994. The Club has significant Club House dividing the first 10 holes to the south from the 8 holes to the north of the clubhouse. The future of the course is in question and will be dependent on current plans to build some residences on the course in order to alleviate the financial pressures on the overall club. This gallery has images of some of the course, the Club House and some of the Honours Boards and memorabilia in the club.

Durban Bluff - Harlequins Club and National Park Golf Club

This album has images of the Bluff Brighton Tennis Club, Bluff Harlequins Sports Club , and the Bluff National Park Golf Club. Included are images of the facilities, honours boards, and outfields of the respective clubs.

Durban Bowling Club - Greyville

Durban Bowling Club was started in 1903, and is located in Greyville adjacent to the race course and St marys church. This record has images of the greens, memorabilia, honours boards and the Club structures.

Durban Club & Club Manor - 369

The Durban Club was formed in June 1854, but the present site was only occupied on completion in 1904. The building is of Edwardian style. The Club has hosted many famous military, political and City fathers and some famous men are commemorated with rooms named after them. This gallery features the club and rooms such as the Lord Louis Mountbatten, Jan Smuts and Churchill Rooms. The Club used to be almost on the waters of the Bay, however reclamation has "pushed " back these waters. In 2002 the Club building was sold to a Zimbabwean woman and the top floor leased back on a 99 year lease. The lower section is operated as a Manor and conference venue. The Club has loads of interesting memorabilia, some of which is featured in this gallery and many great architectural features. Sadly the building exterior is not being well maintained in accordance with its important status and heritage value.

Durban Collegians Club and Kings Park

Collegians Rugby Club was established over 100 years ago and is based in the outfields of Kings Park Rugby Stadium. The images here are of the club., its memorabilia and honours boards. The album also has images of the Kings Park Rugby Stadium, home of the Sharks Rugby.

Durban - Collegians & Crusaders Canoe Club - Blue Lagoon

This site at Blue Lagoon was originally the home of the Durban Collegians Bowls Club (1982) which is still an active club. It has recently incorporated the Crusaders Canoe Club who use the facilities and house canoes on the site. This album has images of the Club, some of the memorabilia of both Clubs and the Honours Boards.

Durban - Country Club - Exterior & Course

Durban Country Club was opened on December 9, 1922 on a course built by George Waterman.(There is a Waterman Bar in the Club). This made it only the second club in Durban coming after the Royal Durban Club at Greyville. Many great players like Gary Player, Bobby Locke, Ernie Els John Bland and Jackie Mercer have played here, just to mention a few. The Club has hosted many South African Opens (17) and the course is rated amongst the top 100 courses in the world. The Club is built in Cape Dutch style and has many eateries, bars and meeting rooms. The Club also supports tennis, squash, bowls and is used by many people as a base to access the local beaches and stadiums. The course alongside the M4 and running close to the beach is in excellent condition and is rated: Champs: SAGU 72. This album has images of the Club House itself, other facilities and some of the course itself.

DURBAN - Country Club - Interior - 428

Durban Country Club was opened on December 9, 1922 on a course built by George Waterman.(There is a Waterman Bar in the Club). This made it only the second club in Durban coming after the Royal Durban Club at Greyville. Many great players like Gary Player, Bobby Locke, Ernie Els John Bland and Jackie Mercer have played here, just to mention a few. The Club has hosted many South African Opens (17) and the course is rated amongst the top 100 courses in the world. The Club is built in Cape Dutch style and has many eateries, bars and meeting rooms. The Club also supports tennis, squash, bowls and is used by many people as a base to access the local beaches and stadiums. The course alongside the M4 and running close to the beach is in excellent condition and is rated: Champs: SAGU 72. This album has images of the interior of the Club and much of its memorabilia and honours boards.

DURBAN - Glenwood - Stella Club

Stella Club in Glenwood is the home of the Soccer, Athletics, Action Soccer and the former Bowls Club. The Bowling Greens have been closed and now used for action soccer. Commercial entertainment establishments are now housed in the former Bowls clubhouse.

Durban Jewish Club

The Durban Jewish Centre had its origins in the formation of the Durban Jewish Circle, which represented the Durban Jewish Community and was formed in 1918. The Jewish Centre foundation stones were laid in November 1930 and the Centre opened on 4 May 1931. The Centre was used by many servicemen in WWII for R&R but reverted to its original use after the war. The Centre now operates as a conference, meeting and weddings venue, as well as meeting the needs of the Jewish Community. In 2009 the Holocaust Centre opened in the premises, and whose mission, with the use of exhibits, is to create a more caring and just society. This album has images of the exterior, foundation stones, interior, and past office bearers honours boards.

Durban Kings Park Swimming Pool 729

Kings Park Pool situated adjacent to the Moses Mabhida stadium , although undergoing repairs (Jan 2019) should be open again in February 2018. The complex has an indoor heated pool of 50*26*2m and a large outside pool with high diving boards.

Durban - Kingfisher Canoe Club

Kingfisher Canoe Club was founded in 1955 and is one of the biggest Canoe Clubs in South Africa. The Club presently has about 400 members and its clubhouse is located on the south bank of the Umgeni River adjacent to the Athlone Bridge. The club hosts several river races and has a "dice" every thursday evening. This area near Blue Lagoon is used for canoeing, SUP Boarding and trail running. The river, which is tidal has many bird species and fish species that spawn in the estuary. It is possible to paddle up to the N2 freeway and beyond. The club has ,and has had some distinguished members such as Rob Stewart, Rip Kirby, Hank McGregor, Lee McGregor, John Edmonds and the " Dusi King", the late Graeme Pope-Ellis, among many others. This album has images of the Clubhouse, boat racks, interior, honours boards and images of some of the many events held in and on the banks of the river.

Durban - Marine Surf Lifesaving Club

Durban Marine Life Saving Club was founded in 1963 and is located on Addington Beach. Over the years it has provided an essential service to the bathing community and has been credited with saving many bathers. The Club has a proud record of competing in lifesaving events and continues to train and promote beach safety. The new club house and surf ski racks were opened in November 2010 The clubhouse which acts as a meeting place also has a coffee shop and houses much of the club memorabilia and honours boards.


Point Yacht Club was founded in 1892 and currently has its base on the Bay off Victoria Embankment. It also has facilities on Vetches Beach. The gallery has images of both Club houses and images of the Club on the Bay which includes the Mole, Building, rooms and memorabilia of the Club.

Durban - Morningside Sports Club

Morningside Sports Club which was opened on 16 October 1954 by E.C.Wilks M.E.C. has several Bowling greens and tennis courts. The club also has facilities for functions and catering. The club is situated in the heart of Morningside residential area. This album has images of the club greens, courts, facilities and honours boards. Savages running club has recently relocated its base to this club.

Durban - Portuguese Club & Cherrians F.C.

The Portuguese Club in Carrington Heights was opened in December 1977 after relocating from downtown Durban. The album has photos of the plaques, building and memorabilia relating to the club and also images of the nearby Cherrians Football Club.

Durban - Royal Durban Golf Club

The Royal Durban Golf Club, sited within the Greyville Race Course was established in 1892 as Durban Golf Club. The original club house was wood and iron building which was replaced in 1932 with the present club. The Club received royal recognition and in 1932 became known as the Royal Durban Golf Club. This album has some images of the course, the Clubhouse and much memorabilia and honours boards within the club house.

Durban - Royal Natal Yacht Club - 444

The Durban Regatta Club was formed in 1858 on the Bay of Natal. In 1891 the Club was granted a Royal Charter and renamed The Royal Natal Yacht Club. The Club has had a few homes, the first of which was built in 1892 and fronted directly onto the bay alongside Harry Escombe's residence. The second club house was in Fenton Lane (1900), and in 1990 moved to its present site back on the waters edge. This album has images of the present Club House interior and exterior and many images of the honours boards and memorabilia contained therein.

Durban - Sports Zone - Moses Mabhida 218

This album tracks the building of the stadium which commenced in 2007, up until the Soccer World cup in 2010 and some of the events that have been held at the stadium. The stadium is named after Moses Mabhida a S.A.C.P. member & trade unionist involved in the struggle against apartheid.The site was previously the Queens park Soccer stadium of far less stature. The present stadium,with its suites can accommodate about a maximum of 80000 people.

Durban - Sports Zones - 219

Durban is a sports mecca with its great climate most of the year. This album features venues and events like Kings Park Rugby, Kingsmead,the beaches,Ski Boat, Archery Clubs, Dusi finish and Cycle races amongst others. The Stables in this gallery are due to disappear amidst much resistance from the incumbents and make way for a new soccer academy. There are also aerial images of Moses Mabhida, Durban Country Club Golf Course and the Umgeni Mouth which is used by fishermen and canoeists.

Durban - Suncoast-Pirates Surf Life-saving Club

Durban's Suncoast Pirates Surf Life Saving Club faces onto Battery Beach, so named in that coastal batteries during WWII were based to the south of the club building and in front of Natal Command. The club was formed in 1928 and it's main function is to provide life guards for t]Battery Beach. It also trains life-guards and has an active 'Nippers' program. The club has a functions room, bar, restaurant and storage for small watercraft.

Durban Surf Lifesaving Club

Durban Surf Lifesaving which was founded in June 1927 is well placed on the central Durban beaches near north pier. The building is listed and well utilizes by the surfing and swimming community. This album has images of the Club, upper deck and some of the memorabilia and honours boards.

DURBAN NORTH - Beachwood Mangroves

Beachwood Mangroves is at the mouth of the Umgeni estuary and is an important environmental haven for river creatures like crabs and spawning fish. The estuary is under the watchful eye of Ezemvelo officers who manage the environmental centre and the boardwalks through the black and white mangroves. Sadly the mangroves are often inundated with litter that is dumped by uncaring citizens into the Umgeni River and its tributaries.

DURBAN NORTH - Italian Club

The Italian clued at 82 Fairview road, is a prime property in Durban North, a community home to many Italians. The club has venue hire facilities, but is at present very poorly managed and neglected. This gallery has images of the facilities and some Italian memorabilia. News has it that there are moves afoot to resurrect a decent food establishment.

Durban North - Northwood Crusaders Sports Club

Northwood Crusaders situated in Raleigh Crescent was established in 1964 and has extensive sporting facilities including cricket, rugby, soccer, athletics and bowls. The gallery has images of the facilities and some of the memorabilia and honours boards. The future of the club is uncertain as the local municipality has declined to renew the lease.Their agenda is unknown.

Durban North - Parkhill Bowling Club - 575

the original Parkhill Bowling Club was on the site of Pelican systems in 793 North Coast Road. The remnants of the old club entrance are concealed by the warehouse building. This warehouse also has heritage in that it was formerly the old Eskom coaling shed from Durban bay. The present site in Stirling Crescent saw the opening of the new club in 1925. This album has images of the greene, facilities, honours boards and some of the meorabilia in the clubhouse.

Estcourt Golf Club 756

Estcourt Golf Club in Louise Street Estcourt was established in 1910 and relocated to its present site in 1929. The Club has a 9 greens, 18 T Box, Par 72 course. The Club has a squash court, bar and functions facilities. This album has images of the Club House, bar, memorabilia, honours boards and caricature sketches.

GREYTOWN - Golf Club

This Gallery has images of the Golf Club which includes some fairway images, club facilities, memorabilia, office bearer photo,s and Honours Boards. Also included are Honours Boards for the Umvoti Agricultural Society.

DURBAN - Westridge Tennis Grounds & Clubs

Westridge Tennis is where the main Tennis Stadium for Durban resides . This album has images of the stadium, the court facilities available and images of the office bearers and shields relating to the Natal Lawn Tennis Association. Some of the Clubs date back as far as 1919.

Isipingo Golf Club

Isipingo Golf Club which opened on 5 March 1915, has had an interesting history. It was acquired from S.A. Estates and Finance, the owners of Isipingo Beach Land and then extended over the years with leases with the Municipality, and acquiring land north of the Umbogintwini river. The golf course originally had two river systems on its boundaries but the Isipingo and Umbogontwini river mouths were joined. This caused extensive repeated flooding (in particular 1970's) of the course designed by Laurie Mandy. The permanent club house is more recent (1990's) whereas before the facilities were relatively spartan. The golf course was converted in 1939 into a training airfield for the RAF and SAAF and has unscheduled visits from other aircraft. It reverted to a golf course after the war. The golf course has had up to 27 holes but now has a well laid out 18 hole course which meanders around and over the river estuaries. The Club House is now modern and has all the normal catering facilities and a good sized driving range.

Lions River Polo Club

The Lions River Polo Cub located in the Dargle Valley is the oldest civilian club in South Africa. The club still hosts regular tournaments. This album has images of the fields, facilities, and memorabilia on the club house walls. The club also hosts the Dargle Country Market.

Mandini - Sports Club

Mandini Sports Club, to the east of Mandini is a shadow of its former self. The only reasonably active part of the club is the Golf Course and Club. The bowling greens have been abandoned and there is a general sense of neglect of the other facilities, like the swimming pool and rugby fields. This album features these facilities.


Gowrie Farm 18 hole Golf Course, built on the former Gowrie Farm opened in 2006. The course surrounds include the homes of mainly golfing fraternity. This album has images of the course, club house, club facilities, memorabilia and honours boards.

Pennington - Umdoni Park Golf Estate - 440

The Umdoni Park portion of the estate belonging to Sir Frank Reynolds (living at nearby Lynton Hall), was acquired in 1918 for the purpose of preservation of the coastal fauna and flora. The 220 ha estate is also home to the Umdoni Golf Club. This album features majestic views over the golf course and Clubhouse as well as interior memorabilia, honours boards and facilities in the club. It also features images of the environmental centre and Trust House on the estate. The nearby Botha House provides accommodation adjacent to the Golf Course.

PMB Golf Course - 1886

The Pietermaritzburg Golf Club in Hayfields was started in 1886 and is reputed to be the oldest Golf Club in South Africa. The Golf Club has had four homes, starting in the centre of the present Scottsville Race Course,Alexandra Park,Golf Road (new section of UKZN ) and its present site in Hayfields. This gallery has images of the Course, Clubhouse,memorabilia and Honours Boards.

PMB - Kershaw Park Tennis Club - Allan Wilson & Victoria Bowls Club

These three clubs are in the Scottsville, Alexandra Park area and feature their facilities and structures. Sadly the Allan Wilson greens will shortly be falling victim to development and this green lung will disappear for good.

PMB - Maritzburg Bowls & Croquet Clubs

These two clubs based in Alexander Park have a long history with the Bowls Club Honours Boards having records dating back to 1902 and the Croquet Club, to 1921. The Clubs have had numerous Champions including Miss M.I.Simkins who was S.A. National Champion in 1956. The Bowls Club which has a bar and coffee shop also hosts the Maritzburg College Old Boys Club.

PMB - Scottsville Racecourse & Casino

Scottsville Racecourse is featured in this album along with images of the Golden Horse Casino which was built on the site. There are views of the course, grandstands, structures, honours boards and office bearers. The race course is oval in shape, about 2300m long with a straight of 1200m. The first sponsored race in S.A, the Gilbey Stakes was held here in 1962.

PMB - Natal Canoe Club

Natal Canoe Club is based on the banks of the Umzindusi River at Camps Drift PMB. The Club is the organizer of the annual Dusi Canoe Marathon, which starts outside the club. This album has images of the club, its memorabilia and honours boards.

PMB - Victoria Country Club

The Victoria Club was formed on 16 June 1859 and was located in leased premises in Church Street and then in its own premises in Longmarket Street where it was located for 100 years. It was a gentlemen\'s club which has now been amalgamated with the PMB Country Club which was founded prior to 1934 by Victoria Club members.The merger took place on 22 January 1997 and the combined clubs now operate from Queen Elizabeth Park. This album has images of the course, Clubhouse,facilities ,memorabilia and Honours Boards.

Princes Grant Golf Estate

Prices Grant Golf Estate is an 18 Championship golf course and estate on the KZN coast north of Stanger. The estate has 450 homes and plots and a central club house, with additional dining, tennis, squash, and canoeing facilities. The farm, was previously a portion of Hyde Park farm granted to George Prince on 20 October 1856, in extent 3354 acres, for 2 Pounds 5 Shillings and 4 pence. Quite soon after it was sold to Babu Bodasing, an indentured Indian laborer. Descendants of Babu sold the farm into the present Estate and the development of the golf course commenced in 1992. The course was opened in 1994 by Gut Smith, the developer and Hugh Biocchi

Richmond Country Club

Richmond Country Club(1853) on the outskirts of Richmond is the home of the oldest tennis club(1877) in the country. The club has a central clubhouse with much memorabilia and honours boards. The club features a polo ground, nine hole golf course(established 1933),cricket field and pavilion, and squash courts. This album has images of all the above.

Scottburgh Bowling Club

Scottburgh Bowling Club, formed in 1934 is still a very active club, despite the steady decline in players generally. Here we have a record of the greens, office holders, honours boards, building and some of the old images and memorabilia relating to the club.

Scottburgh Country Club & Scottburgh Golf Course

Scottburgh Glof Club with its 5323m 18 hole golf course was founded in 1925, and lies adjacent to the railway line running along the coast. The course is still active and has the usual facilities expected of a club, which include bar areas, lounges, dining area and changerooms. This album has images of a few of the fairways, facilities, memorabilia and honours boards. Scottburgh Country Club is located up on the crest and has a clubhouse, rugby fields, squash and tennis courts.

Umkomaas - Golf Course

Umkomaas Golf Club on the South Coast was established in 1913. Whilst not one of the main stream courses it can claim "ownership" of the likes of Tim Clark who cut his teeth on this course. This album has images of the course, the Club House, memorabilia, honours boards and facilities available.

Umkomaas Bowling Club

The Umkomaas Bowling Club is based in Moodie Street adjacent to the Golf Club and was established in 1923. The Club has two greens, a club house and a pub. This album has images of the Club along with the Honours Boards and memorabilia inside the Clubhouse.