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Durban Addington Hospital Complex – Adornments

These buildings in Princes Street form part of the greater Addington Hospital Complex which was built in 1932. For me these simple buildings are so significantly enhanced by simple architectural features and adornments. These simple but effective adornments are missing from modern buildings.

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Durban’s Lion Match Factory

It’s refreshing to see a property developer upgrading an old heritage building. This was the case when JT Ross redeveloped this old factory which are now upmarket offices and have Jonsson’s Clothing as a key tenant. The factory was built in 1925 for Hunt Leuchers and Hepburn and became the home of the iconic Lion […]

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Durban Glenwood – Artist, Dane Stops

Artist Dane Stops, is a fine artist and also has artwork on the wall at the KZNSA Gallery in Glenwood. A lot of this work in graffiti form has little merit but Dane’s work is superb and of really high standard.

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Durban – Beach views of new Promenade

The new extension of the promenade between the Umgeni Mouth and Moya is a great boon to strollers. The extension is about 750 m but also links onto the harbour north pier where one can have amazing views of the city and beaches. The walk from Blue Lagoon to the end of the North Pier […]

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Himeville Museum

Sir Albert Hime (1842 – 1919), after whom Himeville was named, was an engineer who arrived in Natal from Bermuda in 1875.He was responsible for many engineering advances in Natal. He was to become Natal’s PM in 1899. Peter Mckenzie was an early settler in Himeville and lived for many years at Seaforth, a farm […]

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Kokstad – Royal Hotel 1881

Kokstad was named after the Griqua Chief Adam Kok III who had trekked over the berg from west Griqualand. The Royal Hotel was built in 1881 by an African American, an illicit  diamond dealer, called ‘Yankee Wood’. All that remains of this hotel is the ornate arch-way which would have been built by the Colonial […]

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Durban Beaches at Dawn

Instead of being slovenly, take an early wake up with the sun rising in the east and savor Durban’s beaches. The air is fresh and especially at low tide the beachfront can be walked along the waters edge from Blue lagoon to Ushaka. This is our natural heritage that awaits us most mornings.

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Umzimkulu River Mouth

For years the settlers in the Port Shepstone area wanted to build a harbour to receive supplies and ship off their produce, mainly sugar. The river mouth was however difficult with a ridge of rock, 100m wide running across the mouth and dipping down on the northern bank, where the channel developed. Work first started  […]

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Umhlanga Rocks Landscapes

In order to celebrate the summer break, in this post I have chosen a few  images of the Umhlanga beaches. Umhlanga Beaches have a wide variety of moods and lie alongside the promenade which extends for 2.5 km from the south car park to the Breakers Resort entrance. But that is not the end as, […]

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Greystone Farm – Estcourt

  Greystone Farm overlooks the upper reaches of the Wagendrift Dam on the Bushmans River. The farm was occupied by the Boers in 1838 and the battle of Vegt Laier took place on this property, (site under water) and was the site of the Boer Laager when attacked by the raiding Zulu’s in 1838. The […]

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KZN: A Photographic and Historical Record

KZN: A Photographic and Historical Record