Umhlanga Rocks – Oceans Development

The skyline in Umhlanga Rocks continues to rapidly change as these images from July and August 2018 portray.

I sincerely hope that the “powers that be”, are improving the infrastructure and services in line with all these massive developments such as this and Sibaya.

Note: – Update.

The  signature Oceans Umhlanga  Development  came to a grinding halt in early September 2018, and all movable plant withdrawn, except for the tower cranes.

What is astonishing is the laxness of the local financial and property press in reporting on this R4.2  Billion development. Unsubstantiated rumours, of lack of funds, and possible malfeasance swirl around ,thanks to the news black out. The news needs to be out, so that the truth can prevail!!

Update: A press conference has been put out stating that the development is to restart, however it is very short on substance regarding the reasons for the stoppage, and, as such the rumour mongering will continue?


Umhlanga Rocks – Oceans Development – August 2018

Oceans Development – August 2018

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