Umhlanga – Dubai here we come

Umhlanga Rocks Oceans Developments May 2017 (1)

Umhlanga Oceans in the foreground and Pearls Mall in the background – about to top out.

Umhlanga Rocks Pearls Developments May 2017 (20)

Umhlanga Pearls topping out – June 2017

Umhlanga Rocks Pearls Developments May 2017 (23)

Umhlanga Pearls Mall – competing for airspace

The Village has gone and Dubai is arriving on these Indian Ocean shores. These images illustrate the progress of the Pearls and Oceans developments until June 2017. (Some might differ as to whether this is progress, but each to their own). Certainly the village atmosphere is no more, with the bustle of taxis now mixing with the trucks groaning up the hill with tons of soil. Mix this in with the nouveau riche, roaring between speed bumps in their Ferraris and Lambo’s , those seeking a quiet retreat will have to look further afield.

The Oceans development will consist of a large retail complex, topped off with a high-rise hotel and an equally high-rise apartment block.

I intend to capture these developments as they proceed and more images can be found under –  Gallery, North Coast, Umhlanga development album.

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