Tembe Elephant Park

Tembe Elephant Park - Leopard (5)

One of the leopards “spotted” on a drive

Tembe Elephant Park - Chief Tembe

The current Chief of the Tembe tribe.

Tembe Elephant Park - Elephant (4)

One of the many elephant reveling in a pan

Tembe Elephant Park - Lounge

The rustic but well appointed lounge

Its taken a long time for me to get to Tembe Elephant Park, but I can now see the reasons why visitors have repeat visits. The reserve is run by Ezemvelo Wildlife, and the Lodge and game drives managed by members of the  Tembe community. Heading up the team at Tembe is Tom, who aside from having a wry sense of humour, has an amazing staff who are naturally hospitable, and passionate about their profession. Yes profession, because that’s what they are, professionals in hospitality. The lodge accommodation is understated luxury and comfort, and each unit is cleverly concealed in the camp surrounds.

The reserve is dominated by gentle giants, also has  diverse game, birds, and tree species, and we were lucky to  see the elusive leopards twice. This reserve is top-notch.

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