ST Johns D.S.G. – Pietermaritzburg

St Johns School Residences (8)

St Johns D.S.G. Residence

St Johns School dining hall (2)

Dining Hall


St Johns School Chapel stain glass windows (4)

Chapel Window

It is always a pleasure visiting schools, and the opportunity to photograph St Johns D.S.G. was no exception. Schools seem to attract helpful and energized people, and my thanks to Sarah Cole -Edwards in the marketing department for her kind assistance. St Johns was founded in 1897 for the education of girls and continues to do so to this day. There is an album with a full array of all the facilities, under Galleries РSchools & Universities, which illustrates this special place of learning. One is constantly reminded that although this school is privileged, the scholars are aware of their greater responsibility to society, and the founders ethos remains firmly entrenched in the operations of St Johns.

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