St Anthonys Church – Durban – Stain Glass


St Anthony’s Church statuette


St Anthony’s Church exterior


St Anthony’s Catholic Church Vestry window


St Anthony’s Catholic Church west end stain glass window


St Anthony’s Catholic Church – Station of the Cross


St Anthony’s Catholic Churcg altar stain glass windows

I have just completed photographing the interior of this church, and it always amazes me of the beauty of the interiors of many of our churches and in particular the stain glass windows. I am grateful to Father Anthony for disrupting his breakfast and allowing me into the church interior. Sadly there have already been incidences of windows in excess of 100 years being torn out for the lead content, and as such many churches are no longer open to congregants outside of services. These images are from St Anthony’s interior.

More images can be found under Gallery – Durban CBD – ML Sultan Road.

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