Rorkes Drift – St Augustines Mission

St Augustine Mission  Church exterior (2)

St Augustine Mission Church

St Augustine Mission  Church Interior main hall and altar (3)

St Augustine Church interior

St Augustine Mission Church outbuildings (20)

St Augustines – one of many substantial outbuildings

St Augustine Mission Church windows Vumelani Abantwana Bezekimi

St Augustine’s Mission stain glass

St Augustine Mission Entarnce  28.17.56 S 30.34.00 E (2)

St Augustines entrance gate

A visit to Rorkes Drift included exploring the St Augustines Mission about 10 kms north of the Drift. The Church started and completed in 1903, by Dr Charles Johnson is still in reasonable condition. The numerous well built outbuildings are however in a state of disrepair.

A visit to the Mission should be included in any tours to the area, one of the many built by Dr Johnson (1850 to 1927). I was taken around by a very friendly and able youngster but a guide is reccommended.

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