Richmond – Beaulieu Estate

Under, Natal Farms, in the Gallery you are able to find more images of this old Estate which was settled by Yorkshireman William Nicholson, and his wife Fanny in the 1850’s as part of the Byrne settlement program. The Victorians didn’t mess around and this settler had 12 children, many of whom subsequently farmed Beaulieu. Thankfully most people now realize families this size are unsustainable and child mortality rates are low.

These old farms are often characterized by wide verandas for summer coolness and the introduction of exotic trees that thrive and also create a sense of peace and tranquility.

Richmond - Beaulieu Farm -farm road leading to homestead (6)

Access road to Beaulieu Estate near Richmond

Richmond - Beaulieu Farm front facade (3..) (1)

The present farmhouse with the Dutch Gables

Richmond - Beaulieu Farm gardens (1)

Now a corporate owned farm, the attention to the old gardens has slipped

Richmond - Beaulieu Farm side gate

Beaulieu farm entrance with a sense of calm

Richmond - Beaulieu Farm verandahs (1)

Beaulieu Estate house wide veranda to control the summer heat


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