PMB – St George’s Garrison Church

PMB - St Georges Garrison Church - Devonshire Road - S 39.36.45 E 30.22.13 - Interior Knave (7)

St George’s Garrison Church nave

PMB - St Georges Garrison Church - Exterior - Devonshire Road (9)

St Georges Garrison Church’ exterior.

PMB St Georges Garrison Church Reredos

St George’s Church sanctuary Reredos commemorating regiments based at Fort Napier

PMB St Georges Garrison Church Sanctuary (2)

St George”s Garrison Church Sanctuary

PMB St Georges Garrison Church Stain Glass windows The Ascension west end (1)

St George’s Garrison Church stain glass windows – The Ascension

Another seldom visited treasure in KZN is the St George’s Garrison Church in Pietermaritzburg.

The church which was built in 1898, was intended mainly for use by the Military based at Fort Napier, but also utilized by the local community, and for a while by Maritzburg College and Wykeham.

The church has much memorabilia relating to the military from 1898 to 1914, along with the school memorabilia.

More images for this church are in the St George’s album under Churches and Monasteries.

Note: The Church is seldom open, and is best visited when services are held.

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