PMB – Old Edendale Road

Edendale Hotel Dusalle - Edendale old main road

Hotel Dusalle on the old Edendale road into PMB

Edendale Old Main Road near Hotel Dusalle residence

Residence next to old Hotel Dusalle on old Edendale road.

Edendale Service station near Dusalle Hotel M70 Edendale old main road

Service station on the old Edendale road near the Hotel Dusalle.

The old Edendale road is now a back road into the city having been replaced by a wider more direct route. Edendale was originally a farming area on the fringes of the city and the old road would have been a busy route into the city, with stopovers for travelers.

Along this route, I discovered the old Hotel Dusalle, its residence and a longstanding Service station. I have not been able to ascertain any information on this old hotel, but the images are attached.

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