PMB – Church of Madonna delle Gracie

Named the Church of Madonna delle Gracie (Our Lady of Mercy), the tiny church in Epworth, Pietermaritzburg, built by Italian prisoners of war can accommodate about 50 worshipers.

I have been trying for a long time to get access to the Church and I got lucky this Easter  Sunday. A big thank you to Franco for opening up the church and explaining some of its interesting history.

Italian P.O.W.’s built the church during WWII, and the church is now owned by the Italian Military who along with the Italians have renovated this historical church. Many Italians who died on active service or as prisoners have been re interred here.

See – Gallery – Churches & Missions – PMB Church of Madonna delle Gracie, for more images.

The unintended consequences of of incarcerating these Italians was that many stayed on after the war, or came back later, bringing with them many highly skilled family.

Our Lady of Mercy Church exterior

Our Lady of Mercy front facade

Interior of Our Lady of Mercy Church built by Italians

Monument to the WWII “Nova Scotia “victims of a U Boat sinking

Our Lady of Mercy Church – PMB – Monument to the fallen

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