Merchiston Prep (PMB) and Longmarket Street Girls School

What a warm welcome I received at these two Pietermaritzburg Schools that I photographed yesterday. A big thank you to Dave Beetar (Principal) at Merchiston Prep. and to  both  Derryl Muir (Principal) and Joslyn (School Secretary), at Longmarket Girls School, who went out of the way, and gave me access to the schools. They were particularly excited to be able to showcase their schools on my site which now has many of the older  KZN schools featured.

Both these schools are in new premises, so the structures are more contemporary, but the records go back in time. Longmarket Girls, is in fact the oldest surviving Government  Primary School for girls in the Province, dating back to 1890, and Merchiston Prep. to 1892.

Original School building in Longmarket Street before relocation


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