Matatiele – Sewerage Centre

It’s amazing how Councillors look after their own hides but don’t give a toss about their citizens. I was prevented from visiting the War monuments shown here by a very officious women at the closed gates. No explanation was going to open the ‘pearly’ gates.

Matatiele now is managed in a similar fashion, to the old Transkei towns like Lusikisiki. A walk through the town takes you down streets with no pavements and abundant litter. The worst is yet to come, as further down the road towards the rank, one’s nose starts to twitch, with the overpowering stench of sewerage. The storm water drains are now open sewers, running down from the CBD and then alongside the rail terminus.

It’s a disgrace – not even the basics are attended to.

The Town Hall – no entry to a facility which should be open to citizens

War Monuments inaccessible to the public. Photo taken through the fence.

         Matatiele’s proud open sewer.

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