Ladysmith – Platrand Military Relics.

On a recent visit to the Anglo-Boer War sites, I visited the Platrand Camp and battle sites overlooking Ladymith. British troops were stationed up on Platrand and Caesars hill for the duration of the siege. Whilst stationed there many of the troops carved inscriptions onto the rocks which formed part of the fortifications.

Below are a few of those found at the forts relating to the 18th Hussars, 2nd Battalion, Manchester Regiment and engravings indicating the Officers Mess and kitchens. Fascinating relics!!


Platrand Burgher Monument

Armourer SM Truman and others.

Rock engraving – Smith – Clegg – Sutherland and others.

GV Franklin – NNV 1899 (Naval Volunteers)

Engraving at the makeshift kitchens.

N.N.V. Galley – Cooks : Hatch & Bennett – Naval                         Volunteers.

Platrand Fort – Rock engraving identifying the Officers Mess.


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