KZN’S litter problem

Its disappointing when travelling in this Province to see the culture of littering that seems to identify us. Why is it that our problem should be easily resolved by turfing out our litter, rather than disposing it in a responsible manner?

There needs to be a massive educational effort to curb this scourge, followed up with meaningful and enforced punishment. I dream!!!

The litter along the roads and on our pavements is obvious, but a trip by rail between Durban Station and Shongweni Station with the Holiday Express to Shongweni Market really illustrates the problem, as the images below portray. The silver lining on the trip was however, the beautiful waterfall near the Shongweni Station.

Note: Corruption within Ethekweni Municipality has resulted in the “orange bag” recycling program being terminated, so there is not much hope of us solving the wider litter problem.

Litter lying beside the lines at Berea Station

Litter piled up along the rail lines near Durban Station

Pristine waterfall near Shongweni Station.

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