KZN – North Coast Bridges

Fort Pearson - Harold Johnson Views of Tugela & N2 Bridge - S29.12.418 E 31.25.305  (2) Mandini -  Old Tugela Bridge  (67) Mandini -  Old Tugela Bridge - Road - steel bridge - 29.10.339 S 31.23.760 E (2) Mandini - Tugela Bridge - Rail Bridge - current use (23) Tugela - John Ross Bridge - 1988 - Plaques - R102 - 29.10.600 S 31.26.179 E (4)I have just completed the uploading of several albums of the North Coast road & rail bridges from Sea Cow Lake to Umhlatuze which can be found in the North Coast Gallery. Many of the bridges are engineering works of art that have stood the test of time through sunshine and storm – some haven’t like the John Ross Bridge that was swept away in the 1987 Natal floods, only to be rebuilt. My favourites are the iron rail bridge over the Tugela River and the Umhlatuzi Rail Bridge at Felixton Sugar Mill.

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