Kearsney and the Huletts

Without announcement I arrived at the Kearsney Research Station and met Miles Jackson who in typical, hospitable, country style gave me directions to the original Kearsney College (Kearsney Manor) and directions to Sir Liege Huletts many country manor houses in the area. We might have many problems in this country but we have some really great people out there. Miles took me to one of the wells used by indentured labourers in the 1870’s, to collect water whilst attending to the tea & cotton grown in the area.

From there I proceeded to the various old homes , Kirkleyvale, Sibton Hall, and Melrose House. A big thank you to Rhonda of Kirkleyvale for allowing me to photograph their beautiful old home and agreeing to be in my photos, and in that way complimenting the home!

Kearsney Manor, the original home of the eponymous college now in Botha’s Hill was great, and thanks to Elma who allowed me to get up close & personal with the grand old home, and for opening up the church for me. Definitely worth a stay – contact Kearsney Manor at 032-5528100 or

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