Karkloof – Colborne Farm


Timber in the early days of Natal, was a fairly abundant resource in the south facing slopes of the hills of the Natal Midlands. It is thus not surprising that wood features so strongly for ceilings, floors, doors, and windows. As usual verandas were widely used to keep the homes cool. Colborne Farm, in the Karkloof is no exception. More images at Gallery – Natal Farms – Karkloof Colborne.

KARKLOOF - Colborne Farm House) (7)

Colborne Farm east facing facade

KARKLOOF - Colborne Farm interior (1)

The rich wooden floors of Colborne

KARKLOOF - Colborne Farm interior (20)

I nterior of Colborne Farm

KARKLOOF - Colborne Farm verandas (4)

Extensive use of timber in windows and doors

KARKLOOF - Colborne Farm verandas (9).

The cooling effect of wide verandas – a feature of Natal farm construction


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