Kamberg – Cleopatra Mountain Farmhouse

The State President recently announced his awards to deserving South Africans. Without detracting from their achievements, it’s a great shame that some awards aren’t presented to the less politically connected who have made such an outstanding contribution to this countries reputation as a tour destination.

The Poynton’s contribution to tour and food excellence for our visitors is well known, and has been oft recognized by the industry for its high standards, both at Cleopatra’s and their previous successful Granny Mouse’s Country House. At least former State President, Thabo Mbeki recognized a ” good thing”, and stayed at Cleopatra.

Needless to say the fare was outstanding, as was the attention to detail in the rooms, facilities and  by the cheerful staff. Add a simply awesome setting to the mix and you have a full house literally and metaphorically.

Contact details: Tel : 00-27 (0)33 2677243 / 00 27 (0)33 2677013/ e: /





Kamberg - Cleopatra Mountain Lodge - gardens. (2).

Cleopatra’s gardens

Kamberg - Cleopatra Mountain Lodge - lake night scene (1)

Cleopatra Mountain Farmhouse

Kamberg - Cleopatra Mountain Lodge - lake night scene (7).

Cleopatra Mountain Farmhouse – Autumn reflections

Kamberg - Cleopatra Mountain Lodge - lakeside view - lounge and dining areas (10)

Cleopatra Mountain Farmhouse – Lake view

Kamberg - Cleopatra Mountain Lodge - memorabilia- Richard & Mouse

Richard and Mouse Poynton – Owners

Kamberg - Cleopatra Mountain Lodge - Menu board - april 2016

Cleopatra Mountain Farmhouse – A taste of one of the legendary menus on offer

Kamberg - Cleopatra Mountain Lodge - Wine cellar - JPG (1)

Cleopatra Mountain Farmhouse – Gateway to the wine den

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