What is it that we just don’t get about the need for maintenance and preserving historical old buildings? Whilst in Himeville recently I noticed that The Residency, a beautiful sandstone building was being neglected. This to my knowledge was used by the local Magistrate. Surely this building could be put to good use or if not required sold off to a person who would cherish the building.

On a more positive note the local Museum is well kept and maintained. Himeville area, (Seaforth) was for a long time the home of Peter McKenzie, a local farmer,  who also engaged in transport riding with my Grandfather Benjamin Adam Bland. They were busy with loads from Natal to Barberton, Delagoa Bay to Barberton and from Beira to Chimoia and Salibury. This post has an image of Peter (brother of General Duncan McKenzie), and a wagon similar to those used in the 1880’s.

Himeville is also special for its natural beauty with a backdrop of the Drakensburg and close to Sani Pass.


Himeville - the Residency (2)

The Residency in state of neglect

Himeville Fort and Museum (24)


Himeville Fort and local history Museum

Himeville Fort and Museum Peter McKenzie

Peter McKenzie, local farmer and transport rider in the 1880’s and 1890’s

Himeville Fort and Museum transport wagon (1)

A transport riders wagon at the local history museum

Himeville landscapes sunsets (2)

Himeville – famous for its natural beauty in the mountain foothills


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