Himeville – Peter McKenzie

This post commemorates Peter McKenzie who was a local farmer based at Seaforth, brother of General Duncan McKenzie , but most importantly for me, one of my grandfathers lifelong friends. Benjamin Adam Bland, who for many years worked for the two McKenzie brothers transport riding from Natal, between Delagoa Bay and Barberton, and between Beira and Salisbury. I have correspondence between the brothers and my grandfather from Seaforth.

This post has an image taken in the Himeville Museum and of his grave in Himeville Cemetery. A full Gallery of graves can be found in Gallery – Cemeteries – Himeville Cemetery.

Himeville Cemetery - grave Peter McKenzie 1864 to 1951

Himev 1861 – 1951ille Cemetery – Grave Peter McKenzie

Himeville Fort and Museum Peter McKenzie

Portrait – Peter McKenzie, farmer and transport rider in the Himeville Museum

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