Heritage Statues and Symbols


The recent desecration of heritage symbols from the past, have behind them all the racial undertones that emerged in Nazi Germany with the destruction of Jewish property, and coupled with the current xenophobic attacks on immigrants, casts a shadow over this countries reputation, and is polarising people’s attitudes. The responsibility for protecting people and these assets lies mainly with the Department of Arts & Culture, and Police Services who need to show some leadership, or we can expect to see more of the same.

Healthy debate is to be encouraged, but mob rule, destruction and xenophobic actions have no place in this society.

Heritage structures and symbols play an important part in defining our past, and leave a record, good or bad, upon which healthy debate and research can assist in defining the future, or explaining our past. I doubt if there is any country in the world where there is consensus on the merits of these symbols, but in most civilised societies they are allowed to remain.

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