Fort Nottingham – Lions Bush Farm

Leeuw Bosch was originally owned by a Voortrekker farmer, Johannes Maritz a close relative of Voortrekker, Gert Maritz and then by Duncan  McKenzie’s and more recently the Brown family. (See Gallery – Natal Farms – Fort Nottingham – Lions Bush for more images).

However its the images in this post that are of interest. The original thatch home, and the replacement reflected here, (the painting), both burnt down.

Below one sees the old image of the barn, before its conversion to the current Lions Bush home. It’s a marvel to see how this old stone barn has been converted into Chris Brown’s present home.

Add into this imagery, the remnants of a boiler dating back to 1897, and any history lover’s imagination will be sparked into life.

My thanks to Christopher Brown for allowing me to capture all these images, including the family cemetery.


Lions Bush formerly barn verandah (2)

Lions Bush Farm – old late 1800’s boiler.

Lions Bush front facade - stables converted to C Browns home (3)

Current Lions home derived from the old stone barns.

Lions Bush old stables converted into C Browns home (2)

Lions Bush Barn converted to the current homestead.

Lions Bush painting of original home before fire

Painting of the old Lions Bush homestead prior to the fire.

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