Durban – Newmarket Stables

Newmarket stablesThe Newmarket stables and Stables Market area is due to dissapear from the Durban scene before too long to make way for a new Soccer Acadamy.

The move by the Municipality has been controversial with claims of lack of consultation and strong arm tactics made by existing tenants. Berea Rovers Club nearly dissapeared, however after much consultation it has been incorporated into the new development. I am told that Liverpool Football Club, who are associated with the new venture, were unhappy to be associated with the closure of one of Durban’s oldest clubs.

The Newmarket stables has been the home of the equestrian community for many years and the venue for the annual Yearling Sales, as well as being one of Durban’s green lungs for which it has many. Ironically it has also been the stabling for the Durban Metro Mounted Police, and for which no alternative stabling has been found at time of writing.

The question of most of Durban’s sports club’s tenure is a major issue. In many cases, the clubs are on month to month leases when the original lease expires, and the Municipality  is refusing to negotiate extensions. This has resulted in clubs being unwilling to invest in their fixed assts and the ultimate closure or degradation of facilities.( This almost looks like a wilful and wholesale strategy that eventually ends in diposition – maybe a case for the Constitutional Court?)

Lets hope this new development adds value to a very important zone in Durban’s Sporting precinct.

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