Durban City Hall

At last I got access to the City Hall in the City in which I live. On two prior occasion’s I have tried to get access to photograph the war memorial plaques in the main hall only to be turned away by security, and a City Hall Supervisor (very grumpy one !). Yesterday I tried again and fortunately a very helpful security officer (sadly who will have to remain nameless) got me to someone, who gave me the go ahead. When one considers that if you attend a function here you are able to photograph, one has to wonder what the fuss is all about, and why citizens of the City can’t visit their own City Hall, when it’s not in use. Thankfully there are a few thinking people left to over-rule the less intellectually endowed officials.

Ironically I have visited most other City and Town Halls in the Province and been met with courtesy and very helpful people, especially in PMB.


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