Durban CBD Cenotaph

Some depraved individuals recently desecrated the Durban Central Cenotaph and stole about 13 of the large bronze plaques for scrap metal. These plaques commemorate the names of the men of Durban who died in WWI and WWII.

Fortunately a scrap metal dealer had the integrity to secure the bronzes and I understand they are back in the possession of the appropriate authorities.

The long term safety of important monuments like this are in jeopardy. The perpetrators need to be given long jail sentences.

The Art Deco Monument in Durban’s Francis Farewell Square

The Cenotaph’s desecrated bronze Roll of Honour plaques.

damaged bronze plaques at the Cenotaph

Stolen plaques at the Durban’s Cenotaph

Stolen bronze plaques – Durban Cenotaph


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