Dundee – Lennox Cottage Guest House

Dundee - Lennox farm - dining room -  (3) Dundee - Lennox farm - entrance driveway -  (5). Dundee - Lennox farm - fields and haymaking - Dundee - Lennox farm - main house -  (12)A visit to the battlefields in the Dundee – Blood River area will be greatly enhanced with a stay over at Lennox Farm, run by Dirk and Salome’ Froneman, who have lived in this area for many years. The accommodation  is comfortable, but it is the meals that are a stand out winner. Even the breakfast is a work of art.

The ambiance, and furnishings are awesome, especially if you appreciate the fine textures of well made wood furniture and art. The hospitality, needless to say, is in accord with the establishment.

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