Delville Wood – Picardy – France

I have recently had the privilege of visiting the South African Delville Wood Memorial in France, one of the great battlefields of the 1916 Somme offensive. It is of particular importance to South Africa in that so many men of the S.A.Infantry Brigade gave their lives here, in a brutal encounter. Very few of the 3100 soldiers who entered the wood emerged at the end of the battle. At the site is the Herbert Baker designed Monument, the Museum, preserved battle site and the Delville Wood Cemetery.The site is well maintained and designed to make one reflect on the meaning of the carnage that took place here as well as pay tribute to the dead.
A very worthwhile visit for those who can make the “pilgrimage”, and there are many more other Memorials in the area.
In PMB there is a Delville Wood Memorial and this web site has images of this local Memorial.

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