Chief Albert John Mvumbi Luthuli

Groutville Congregational Church Albert and Nokukhanya Memorial (1)

Chief Albert Luthuli Memorial – Groutville – July 2017

Groutville Congregational Church exterior view (2)

Groutville Congregational Church – Luthuli burial place

Groutville Congregational Church grave Chief Albert J.M. Luthuli 1967 & N.M. Luthuli

Graves of Nokukhanya and Chief Albert Luthuli – Groutville

A memorial has recently, in July 2017, been erected in Groutville, to commemorate Albert Luthuli. The memorial has a summary of his life and is a National Heritage site.

Albert Luthuli was born in Rhodesia in 1898, but relocated to Umvoti Mission in 1908. From here he taught at Adams Mission (1922). In 1927 he married Nokukhanya and in 1935 was elected as a Chief at Groutville.

In 1944 Albert Luthuli joined the A.N.C and became its President in 1951. Luthuli was arrested and banned for his political activities between 1956 and 1959. It was his belief in non violence that won him the Nobel Peace prize in 1961.

Whilst still under house arrest in Groutville he was killed by a train in 1967. In addition to this memorial there is a Museum in the home of Chief Luthuli.


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