Caversham Mill

I visited the Caversham Mill in the Natal Midlands yesterday to meet up with a very distant relative, Jack Mudd who grew up in Caversham, and whose Grandmother lived in one of the old wood & iron homes behind the Mill.
The Mill, which was built around 1852 has had many owners and over the years and has endured fire and floods, and is now a superb destination for those wanting to experience some early heritage, enjoy a great meal overlooking the Mpofana (Lions) River, or even better, extending your stay in some of the very good accommodation provided at The Mill.
Jack gave us a run down of the history of Caversham, pointed out the old Ox wagon tracks down to the river and pointed out the old church that has been incorporated into a local home.
Caversham Mill is part of the Midlands Meander experience.

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