Cabbage Express and Weenen Nature Reserve


Tierkloof 4.5m arch culvert – Weenen Reserve Cabbage express


Cabbage Express Red Bridge – Weenen Nature Reserve


Cabbage Express – Tierkloof Gorge – Weenen Nature Reserve


Class NG/G11 Loco No: 55 used on the Cabbage Express line – Weenen (Loco at Paton County Rail at present)

I have just posted up images of the old Cabbage Express that ran from Estcourt to Weenen between 1906 and 1983. Although some enlightened individuals tried to save the line from closure, for tourism purposes, the powers that be at SATS chose to “do the dirty”. The route is very scenic and a large part of the line ran through the Weenen Nature Reserve.

See Gallery –  Bridges, Road, Rail – Estcourt to Weenen, for more images.

Little remains of the line as the tracks have been pulled, but some of the old bridges and culverts remain in the reserve. I am very grateful to Frik Lemmer, the ranger for allowing me to access the rail line on foot, in order to photograph the remnants.

Weenen Nature reserve of 5003 hectares is well worth a visit, with fauna and flora being diverse and interesting, added to which are the features mentioned above. The Reserve is run by Ezemvelo KZN Widlife.

In many parts of the world these old lines are being converted to use as mountain bike tracks. Any takers out there willing to look at this and bring some needed support to our wildlife heritage sanctuaries?

Thanks also to Bruno Martin for his Branch line map he kindly allowed me to use.

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