Byrne Valley – Blarney Cottage

I have just posted up the Blarney Cottage album under – Galleries – Natal farms – Byrne – Blarney Cottage.

The cottages are the original of those built by 1850 Byrne Settlers Sophie and Frederick McLeod in 1879. This posting however is an indictment of the KZN Province, who have allowed these cottages, placed in their care, to fall into disrepair. This, the result is one of the many failures of the current regime who prefer to extract funds for personal gain or on unsustainable junkets that have no lasting benefits, not to mention grand larceny. The ex “father of the nation” is set to go to court on the morrow”, to face corruption charges he has artfully evaded, using tax payers money.

Bentley & Nellie McLeod’s wattle and daub cottage

Panel showing construct of hut

Built 1897 – this is the house built by Sophie & Frederick McLeod

Neglected interior of the 1897 cottage

Refurbished in 1897 this is the neglected Heritage site owned by the KZN Province


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